Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Outside my window
The snow is falling down
And with it comes the cold hard ground.

When I look and see the white, I am reminded of your sacrifice
And promise to wash me whiter than snow.

But, then I see myself, reflected back in the cold hard ground.

Please warm me up, shake these bones
that have become so indifferent and cold.
Help me not turn my head to all I see that might scare me.
But instead help me to embrace all who need a warm and caring place.
They may not look like me
Yet, we're all longing for the same
Love, forgiveness, kindness, and redemption.

Warm the cold soil of my heart
Till all who see
Know You are the only reason why
In a cold and weary land
I am a soft warm place to land.
Help me lead them only to you
So that by my words and deeds they would see the only One who can
Change the landscape of our lives and wash us whiter than snow.


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