Sunday, June 29, 2014

The One

 3 out of 5 Wilkinson's are ailing today, so we are hold up at home today.

Hubby is watching movies with the kids and I'm clearing off the desk.
I'm embarrassed to say how old some of the stuff is I'm finding on the bottom of the pile.
You know the pile-please tell me  you have one. That pile that you make while cleaning and don't have an exact spot for it so you think "I'll make this pile and come back later and figure out a place for all this stuff." Yep, that pile.

Anyway, I found a poem I wrote and actually took the time and effort to copywrite a couple of years ago.  Rereading it I'm not sure how great it actually is, and I remember being afraid to share it at the time. So, I decided today's the day.
Hope it speaks to your heart.

In my minds eye

I see your sandal clad feet

Walking along the dusty roads

In old Galilee

The hem of your garment gently brushing the ground

Your back is to me

And I wonder if you know I'm here, resisting the urge to run and throw myself at your feet

Afraid to lose my dignity.

Your face turns to the side

I can tell by your profile that you are smiling

Gentle and Kind

Suddenly we are face to face

Quickly I look down, afraid to meet your eyes.

They pierce inside to the very heart of me

Then I feel your touch upon my shoulder

Warm and Tender

Pulling my chin up so my eyes meet yours

"Don't be afraid, Child" was all you would need to say

At your feet I would fall weeping, calling to all who will hear

This is Jesus Christ

My Savior 
My King.
He is THE ONE.

Then I blink and just as suddenly I'm back to the modern age

Where everything is always shifting and swirling around me

Do I even find the time or courage to say

"I follow The Way of Jesus, God's One and Only Son."

Or am I afraid that others will think I'm old fashioned and out of date.

The vision is back 
Once again I hear you say my name.

Yes, Lord, I hear you

And I will obey.

My name is Angie and I follow The Way

His name is Jesus

He came to die and rose again on the third day

He walked the earth long ago and lives still today

He will make you new, provide forgiveness too

He will be your shelter

Your Rock

Your Savior 

Your Friend

Your Father

Your Redeemer 

Your King

The Man, Jesus, who once wore sandals and had dusty feet.
Monday, June 23, 2014

Here There and Everywhere

Last week was VBS at our church.

It's always an exciting week in the life of our church and family.

We always spend the week at my folks house, they live 5 mins from church compared to our 25, and it's become a bit of a tradition.  
Our oldest volunteers for the week, and it's just a great week of serving, sharing and shining for Jesus.

This morning our boys left for church camp.
Our youngest for just 3 days and our oldest for the week.

Although, he's been old enough to go for a couple of years it just hadn't worked with our schedule, so today was JMan's first time to leave for camp.

This morning I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you?
His response: 1,000.

Bless those counselors. Bless.Them.

As our oldest pulled away on a posh tour bus, I couldn't help but think that camp has changed a lot since the 24 hours school bus ride I used to endure from KC to NC every summer.

But no matter how you get there, there is something special about being unplugged, out of your normal routine and just being able to have fun with your friends, make new ones and find yourself closer to Jesus.

With the boys both being gone during the same time. . .drumroll. . . .

For the first time in Sisters life, there's more estrogen in the house than testosterone.

Baking cookies, pedi cures, shopping and watching Frozen one or 12 times is on the agenda.

(after we  put away the aftermath of packing for camp. A woman's work is never done you know)

Summer is rolling right along for us and we're trying to squeeze every moment we can into these few short weeks.

Last night right before a storm rolled in, my two littles were outside chasing lightning bugs.
It was an iconic summer moment.

I hope you're having those.
Enjoy your people.
Enjoy the extra hours of daylight.
Enjoy the warmth.
Eat a watermelon.
Jump in a pool or run through a sprinkler- and watch your kids faces light up.

Enjoy the fact that God made a bug whose hinny lights up-just because He could. . .and I'm pretty sure the delight He gets from giggling children chasing them makes Heaven beam a little brighter.

Happy Summer !
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prayer For My Daughter And Yours

You know that old country song "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys"?

I think it could just as easily say "Mama's don't let your babies grow up".

Of course, then we wouldn't be doing our jobs would we?

It seems a bit unfair that we are given these most precious gifts that we hold so dearly and who take pieces of our hearts with them  wherever they go, only to have them grow to not need us so much and then to  eventually fly away.

Our sweet baby girl, isn't so much a baby anymore as she is a sweet young lady.

We celebrated her 8th birthday this past Sunday.

And what a gift it is to celebrate her.

In her brief little life she has taught me so much about kindness, grace giving and genuine love for people.

She was the exact gift we needed to soften the Wild Boys, and their Momma.

Here is my prayer for her-and really for all our daughters:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the gift of this precious girl.  Words really aren't enough to tell you how grateful I am to be her Mom.  I look at her and marvel and I wonder what grand plans you have for her.

Lord, I pray beyond anything else that she would grab hold of you and hang on and never let go.

When friends hurt her, when her heart is broken, when the world tries to break her and mold her, when her parents let her down, I pray that her mind and heart would be so in tune with you she never wanders far from you.

I pray that her light is never dimmed  by the harshness of this world.  I pray that her heart is protected from those who's intentions aren't honorable. 
I pray that she would be wise beyond her years.
I pray that the same delight she now finds in a firefly or dandelion never leaves her spirit.

I pray that she would be surrounded by friends who love You and her.  That she'll have at least one true friend to walk thru life with-that she'll know what it's like to giggle all night with a friend and dream big dreams together. 

I pray that when others are unkind, instead of growing callous to the harshness of this world, instead she'll be tough yet tender.
That the same "princess warrior" spirit she has now is never squelched  or squandered.

I pray that harm never finds her. And that her heart is never left unguarded- until the day it's ready to be handed over to another. And, I pray for that boy right now, that he'll love you and serve you and protect his heart until he's ready for my Dear Girl.  I pray that he has parents who love him and who teach him to love you.

I pray that she never lets failure keep her from trying again and that she never lets fear keep her from flying.

And, I pray when that day comes  and she is  ready to fly, that she has a Momma who sends her soaring into this world ready to make kingdom differences.

I pray that every day, every week, month and year until then, that we cherish each moment-even the hard ones-because each and every one is a gift.

We can never do it without you, Jesus.
And thank you will never be enough.


Happy Birthday Precious Girl, I am so thankful I get to watch and help you grow up. It is a privilege and joy to be your Momma.

Monday, June 9, 2014

When The Church Parking Lot Makes You Want To Cuss

My middle guy is going with a friend to VBS at his church this week.

It's a Mega Church in our area.

They do an awesome job at VBS and we appreciate the value and importance of VBS programs and all the volunteers that make it run.

However, the parking lot and the lay out of it, just about did me in this morning.

I mean really, should a church parking lot make you want to say a potty word?

Drop off time was bad, Pick up time was worse. Much.Worse.

After much circling and waiting and circling some more, I was finally able to park and run in to pick him up.

It was hard to relish in his excitement and hear about what he'd learned, because of my aggravation level.

On the way home I was thinking about my frustration and the challenge of facing the dreaded parking lot the rest of the week-twice a day.

And then someone cut me off in traffic.

Oh Bless It All.

Here's what I've decided, my frustration in those situations come from a place of pride.




Yep, nothing like the VBS parking lot to teach you about pride-and how much you have.

So, here's what I'm working on this week:  Instead of being frustrated, I will be excited and encouraged that so many kiddos are having what could be a life changing week for them.
Next time someone zooms in front of me and takes "MY" spot, I'll smile, wave and pray for them to have a blessed day.
I will not let 15 minutes of frustration ruin hearing about God at work in my boys life.
I will extend grace the way I'd want it be extended to me.

So, if you need me this week, I'll be the girl circling the parking lot, learning to let go of her pride.

Blessings from the road,

Monday, June 2, 2014

Poolside Chats and Pinching Fat

It's hard to believe that I wrote this almost 4 years ago. Time flies and all that. . .

I was reminded of that post as I sat at the pool with my kiddos the other day and I was people watching.

There were some teenage girls who were trying to catch my oldest son's eye and he was OBLIVIOUS     - I mean, 'not I don't want my mom to see I'm noticing these girls', I mean OBLIVIOUS.

He was goofing around with his brother and some friends and just didn't notice.

Turns out those girls seats weren't far from mine and I could hear their conversation. (not that I was trying to, but you know three 15 year old girls can be a wee bit hard NOT to hear)

The conversation that followed broke my heart. Talk about bodies tinged with shame, and worth as a person tied to the size of their bathing suit, and trying harder and doing more and then maybe, maybe the 'right' boy would notice.

Let me say that these were precious girls, just adorable.

But, because ONE boy didn't notice them at the pool, they were talking and pinching NON existent fat on their bellies.

Oh, how I wanted to go hug them. (I didn't because you know, crazy stranger lady hugging at the pool, probably not the best idea.)

How we must instill in our girls that our value as women is not getting a boys attention.
It is not how we look in a bikini.
It is not how we can build ourselves up by tearing down someone else.

Our Value- our worth is inherent in us.

Because we are here, because we were created we are valuable.

It's automatic.

You don't have to try harder, do more, become something or someone else.

You are enough.

Momma's we've got to stop trashing our bodies -especially in front of our kids.

No, nothing is the same as it was in our twenties and before the kids.

That does not define who you are.

Our kids-but especially our girls-our listening to us. No, not necessarily when we want them to, but they're listening when we're looking in the mirror and lamenting.
When we're trying on clothes or swimsuits and talking about how fat we are.
When we trash every part of our bodies.
Make no mistake-they are listening.
And soaking it all in.

We got to empower our girls so much, that some silly unobservant boy doesn't ruin their day.

Or worse yet, some boy who knows how to manipulate girls who's worth is seen through the eyes of their male peers, talks them into things they'll regret for years to come.

Empower them enough that food doesn't become a weapon to use against their bodies.
That the number on the tag of their clothes doesn't bring them pain-or power.

You're enough Sweet Momma and so is your precious girl-now tell her that. She may roll her eyes. She may try and contradict you. But, you say it. You say it over and over again.
Because every time you say it, a little part will begin to sink into her heart.

You are more than a number on scale, you are more than the size of your clothes!

We are all in this together-much love