Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Things!

So, it's cold here (again) and it snowed (AGAIN) and let's just say my attitude about both those things isn't/wasn't the best.
So, to get me out of the weather funk, I thought I'd post some things that make me happy. In no order and not necessarily spiritual. . .

1)Really good music that stirs me

2)The color pink

3) Sunshine coming through a window and warming you up

4) How excited my kids get over the least little thing

5)Talking to a friend who knows all your skeletons and loves you anyway

6)A great pair of shoes


8)a good book that feels like a friend

9)old black and white movies

10)When my daughter hears the first measure of music to an old Amy Grant song and knows which one it is (impressive on a couple of levels for a 3 year old)

11) Beth Moore Bible studies

12) Hearing the kids scream DDDDDAAAAAAAADDDDYYYY, when the hubs gets home from work.

13) Looking at old pictures

14)a great handbag

15)Targets 75% off rack

16) Not to be out done, the Macy's One Day Sale

17) The ladies in my Bible study group

18)Gerber Daisy's

19)A great hair day

20)A diet coke on ice

21) A Quick Trip fountain Diet Coke mixed with a little cherry flavoring

22) Yummy Mexican food


24)Laughing with the Hubs over things no one else on the planet would find funny

25) Hallmark Cards

26) planning a party

27) Great earrings

28)Diving into the deep end of the pool on a really hot, hot day

29) When the leaves are in their full color in fall

30) A big hug from one of the kiddos

31) A puppy sitting on my feet

32) Feeling like wherever the Hubs is, is home

What makes you happy?
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh the Humbling of Parenthood

The call or email from the teacher at school.
The 'can I chat with you for a moment?' from the Sunday school teacher.
Most every parent knows the dread those words can bring. I know at our house we've had our share of those little talks. Talks that make you feel like you are about an inch tall, the worst parent ever and that if your child makes it to adolescence it'll be a miracle sent from heaven!

I was thinking last week on our way to AWANA at our church, parenting can be so humiliating sometimes. J was completely wound up and I was a wee bit worried for his teachers that evening. OK, and for myself. Let's be honest, having children who can find trouble ever so easily can be, shall we be honest and say embarrassing?!

And, then I heard a voice say (not audible, but in the still of my soul-which is a miracle in itself when you are in a car with three children!), "Haven't you found your share of trouble?" "Haven't you shamed and embarrassed me over and over again?" "But, you are my child and I love you no matter what you could ever say or do, You are mine."

Once again, I was struck with the thought that the creator of the universe was also my Father. And, yes, OH YES, how I have brought Him more shame than I'd care to name. But, the miraculously, wonderful, amazing part-once I've repented and ask for forgiveness, he's never brought it back up again. Not once.
Now, make no mistake, I've often been reminded of my sin. Of the pit which I've so often jumped down into, but it was never my Heavenly Father who reminded me of those things!
No, He loves me and brings me back into the fold every time and wipes the slate clean.

So, as we finished our drive into church that night, I went over with J what I expected of him. How exactly he was to behave. But, then I said; "And you know what else? You are my little boy and I love you know matter what!"
Those big brown eyes said it all! And the tight hug and the I love you, Mom, were reminders that we all need to be reminded that nothing can separate us from the love of our parents. Earthly or Heavenly.

I am so thankful that the God who is the beginning and the end, who knows all and knew all the trouble I would be and cause Him, still loved me enough to call me His child.
Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Are You?

Like you as I watch the news I am overwhelmed by the images that I see.
Houses gone, hospitals gone, families gone.
Gone in just a brief moment. But the horror of that moment will live on for the people of Haiti for years to come.
In the midst of all the pain and sorrow, the question comes, because it always does. God where are you? Don't you love these people?
The answer lies right at the surface. He is there. He is here. He was there yesterday and he'll be there tomorrow. He'll be with the child that survives when everyone thought they wouldn't. He'll be with the rescue worker who doesn't think they can go one more moment yet they do.
He hasn't moved. His love for ALL people of the world has never changed.

We are now being given the ultimate opportunity to give to our neighbors in need.
The first thing we must do is pray. Pray for every precious person who is trapped. Every baby who doesn't know where it's next meal is coming from. Every mother who can't find her baby. Pray and pray hard.

Next thing we must do is give. Give and give generously.
Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Show the world your love of Jesus by helping someone else in a desperate situation.
We sponsor a child through Compassion International and find them to not only nurture the body but the soul as well as they teach children about Jesus., please go to their website and give generously, just like you would if Jesus was the one holding the child waiting for it's next drink of water.
Because, don't be mistaken, He is right there!
Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Christmas decorations are down and put away for the next 11 months. Carols are a memory and our gifts have been tucked away. One thing that hasn't left us here in the middle of Kansas is SNOW. Lots and Lots of snow. And cold, OH MY! with the freezing cold!
So, we've been spending lots of time snuggled up together in our little house enjoying each other and finding ways to entertain ourselves.
Jude and Isabelle have been doing lots of drawing and coloring. So, much so that I might in fact be a tad concerned about deforestation. That was a LOT of paper for a few days!!
J's favorite thing to do is to draw pictures then write a story about them.
I's favorite thing, however, is to trace her hand print. LOVES, I mean LOVES this.
Makes her laugh and squeal with delight every time.
So, as we were tracing her hand for, oh I don't know, the thousandth time, I began looking at those little chunky fingers and the look of concentration on that beautiful face. Then she said, 'It's your turn, Momma'. So, I dutifully placed my hand on the paper as she traced around my fingers. When I lifted my hand and she stepped back to look at her handiwork, she said, 'Look Momma, we're just alike'.
Of course, I look at it and see all the ways the two hand prints are different, but in her eyes we were the same.
Which got me to thinking. Who's life am I leaving a hand print on? And, would I really want them to 'look just alike'?
Honestly, I look at my life and my crazy ways and see ALL THE WAYS I DON'T WANT MY KIDDOS TO BE LIKE ME! Expect one. When they look at me, I pray they see Jesus hand print. That everywhere they look they would see the nail pierced hand print and think, 'They are just alike'.
Some days it's probably easier for them to see than others. I know it is for me.
But, happy or sad, easy times or difficult, plenty or want, what I want them (and others) to see when they look at me is the hand print of Jesus.
Not a set of rules to live by (although important) not a list of good deeds done ( important too) but Grace. The grace and peace that only Jesus can reveal and reflect. If they can see those things, maybe we will 'look just alike'.