Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Boys In Blue

My blog is taking a turn today.

Please forgive this hometown girl.

Game seven of the World Series is being played minutes  from my front door tonight.

As you can imagine Kansas City (for those of you that don't live here, please understand that when

we say "Kansas City" we are talking about the actual city and all it's surrounding suburbs) is

ALL a buzz.  You can feel the excitement in the air!  Some have been true believers all along,

some are new to the party. . .either way all are welcome to cheer on our favorite Boys in Blue!

I would say I fall into the middle of that spectrum.

I grew up in the era of George Brett, Frank White, Bret Saberhagen and Willie Wilson.  The

stadium was about 20 minutes from our house and I passed it everyday to and from school.

I spent many summer night sitting in GA with my friends and youth group and in fact my first

real date was to a Royals game.  I went to church with a couple of players and their families and my

Dear Daddy and I had a standing date every year for my birthday to go to a game.

I can even claim to have sung the National Anthem twice for a Royals game.

But, after the strike in 1994 I became somewhat disillusioned with the game.

And then we had our kiddos and let's face it, for a family of five, a game isn't exactly friendly

to the wallet.  We've gone a few times over the years but mostly just kept an ear on what was

happening with the team.

Something happened along the way. . .I forgot how fun a great game of baseball can be.

And while watching all these innings of baseball the past month, it has been so delightful to


So, thank you Kansas City Royals for being a team we can be proud of-whether you win or lose

tonight.  Thank you for bringing back my love of the game.  Thank you for appreciating your fans

and loving our city just like we do.  Thank you for giving us a reason to collectively cheer about.

Twenty Nine years later and you reminded me and the world watching what a great place KC is

to live and raise a family.

What a delight it's been to watch games where no one is threatening to 'kill, smash, break' the

opponent. (Don't get me wrong I LOVE football, but it's been so lovely to be reminded that

sometimes you can play a game to see who wins against people you don't have to hate. Although

don't get me started on Joe Buck.)

In a world where the news cycle can pretty much make you want to hide under your bed, what a

great reminder its been that sometimes it's ok just to have a little fun and play ball.

We're rooting for the home team tonight.

We totally and absolutely believe --



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've Seen Sunshine and I've Seen Rain

A week  ago we had some days and days of rain.

Not just the "Oh what a lovely rain we're having" rain, but the flood the basement, torrential

downpour of rain, are we really in a Tornado Watch in October kind of rain.

For. Days.

When it wasn't raining it was dark. Dark and Gloomy.

These are not my favorite kind of days.

We live in an older neighborhood and  there are some HUGE trees that line both sides of the street.

As I was driving our oldest to school, in my mind I was lamenting another gloomy day.

No rain, but no sunshine either. Just dark and dreary.

Then we turned the corner where the trees aren't nearly as close together.

I could hardly believe my eyes as the glare of the sun penetrated  through the windshield.

The bright golden sun  and a beautiful blue sky-

There they were in all their  splendor providing a gorgeous fall day.


I've been thinking about those trees and that beautiful ball of sun a lot these past few days.

What has been rattling around in my head the most is how the sun wasn't suddenly shining and sky

bright blue.

Nope they had been there all along.

What had changed was my perspective of them.

Yes, for awhile, the giant Oak trees had formed a canopy and blocked my view of what was really

happening all around me. Causing me all sorts of lamenting that just didn't need to be.

What need changed was my perspective.

Maybe that's the way it always is in life.

When all we can see is the trouble and the gloom around us-

especially if it has been incredibly dark and stormy for along time, we can forget that even when we

can't see it the SON is still there shining.  Doing exactly what the Son does, exactly where He does it.

Others can talk about the what is happening all around them, and I just can't see-I wonder if

we are on different streets.

Perhaps we are, or perhaps my perspective just needs changing.

I've got to take my eyes off those 'trees' in my life, even though they are there.

But, what I know to be true is that always somewhere the sun is shining. Even when I can't see it.

Some times circumstances quickly change to get me to the place where I can see the sun again, other

times it's a long hard journey.

But no matter how long it takes, or how winding the road may be or how many giant trees block the

light, I know the SON is always in His place shinning down on me.

Oh how I hope you know that too.  Hold on to that promise.

Blessings along the journey,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Choosing to Believe

This past Saturday I spoke to a lovely group of ladies at Abundant Life Baptist Church.

We ended with this charge and I promised them I'd also have it available on the blog along with some

of the verses we read.

My prayer would be that this could encourage you too. Print it out, post it on your bathroom mirror, put in your Bible-some place where you can be reminded and remember to believe.
Today I will choose to believe what God says about himself.

Today I will choose to believe what God says about me.

God says I am loved with an everlasting love.

God says I am an overcomer.

God says I am a Mighty Woman of Valor.

God says I am known and understood.

Today, even when I don't feel it: I will choose to believe that am someone who is cherished and

someone  who is especially beloved.

When life circumstances threaten to rob me of my hope--

I will choose to believe --

I am the apple of God's eye.

I am  his favorite.

I am wholly, deeply and completely loved.

And because of all of this:

I will live in obedience.

Walk in truth.

Guard my heart.

Love my neighbor


I WILL follow Jesus.




Lamentation 3:22-23
Ps 17:8
Jeremiah 29:11-14
Isaiah 40:31
Job 11:18
Ps 25:25
Zechariah 2L8
Psalm 18:6,16-18
Psalm 139


"Faith makes the choice to believe when feelings or circumstances don't match what we are believing.
Faith says I choose to believe."

Choosing to believe with you today,

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sometimes 'Just' is all you need

I was in Walmart Saturday.

(I enjoy a challenge.)

When I overheard two ladies chatting, who apparently hadn't seen each in awhile. ( I am a major people watcher so I can't help but take these sights in . . .) And as women do, one of the ladies asked the other 'what do you do'.
Her answer may or may not surprise you.

 She said 'Oh you know, I'm just a Mom'.

 I tried to hide my smile and fight the urge to go and hug her!
I've described myself like that-recently in fact.

 Just a Mom.

Well on my drive home I began thinking of all the reasons why we do describe ourselves that way, which lead me to thinking about all the women who were 'just' something.

Eve was just first.

Mrs.Noah was just a wife standing by her man.

Jochobed(Moses mother) was just a mother trying to save a baby.

Sarah was just an old lady.

Rachel was just weeping for her son.

Rahab was just a prostitute.

Hannah was just a lady praying for a baby.

Bathsheba was just used.

Ruth was just a widow.

Naomi was just a mother in law.

Esther was just an orphan.

Mary was just a girl.

Anna was just waiting for her Messiah.

Martha was just busy.

Mary Magdalen just a women who knew what she'd been delivered from.

Priscilla was just a faithful follower.

Maybe your 'just' is something you don't think can be used.

Just divorced, just lost a child,  just lost a job,  just a single person, just a women with a career, just uneducated,  just a mom.

I'm so glad the Lord looks at my 'justs' and sees what only He can do with them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When Hope Gets Dusty

**I wrote this three years ago.  I woke up with it on my mind today and thought there might be someone out there who needed to hear this message.
It's time-Dust off your hope and let's walk this thing out.

I was dusting yesterday-a job LONG overdue-and on our bookshelves we have a little plaque made up of black letters that says HOPE.

The dust just clung to the black and was hard to get off.

It got me to thinking about the Hope in my life.

Sometimes it gets dusty.

There are lots of reasons why, but mostly it usually comes from a lack of faith or circumstances have worn me down.
Sometimes my hope can even feel forgotten by The One who I put my Hope in.

Surely,  I'm not the only one?

We talked allot about this at Bible study yesterday and maybe that is why it was on my mind.

Or maybe it was because of those I see struggling with finding a job, wayward kids, unloving marriages, infertility, sickness that doesn't feel like it will ever end. Disappointment after disappointment.

Waiting. Watching. Waining.

It can wear you down after awhile.

 When you feel like maybe peace, joy, stability. . those are for others and not yourself.

Sometimes you've got to take your HOPE down and dust it off.

Let's pour these words of hope into our weary hearts.

You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. Job 11:18

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Ps 25:25
But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, Ps 38:18

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.Ps 39:7

Today if you need to dust your Hope off-do it. Take it to the Lord, tell Him you need to shake the dust off.
And remember, WHO your Hope is in.
It's not in this world or the rulers of it. It's not in circumstances or people.
Our only hope is in Jesus.

If you need to, write these verses of hope down. Post them throughout your home, in your car, in your cube at work-wherever you  might see or need  them most.

Let them rest in your weary heart for awhile.

Then dust off your hope and let's do this thing called life-and do it well.

Remember our Hope is in Jesus, and with that hope comes the knowledge and faith that he sees us, he

knows our every circumstance and his timing is always perfect.


But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Hoping with you in Christ Alone,

Monday, September 22, 2014

#Blessed #thankful

It's coming.

That time of year.

Oh I'm not talking about pumpkin lattes and scarves, bonfires and hayrides and the Instagraming of

them all.  . .

although that's coming too.

The past few years it's become a 'thing' to do, to post your blessings/what you're thankful for, for

the month leading up to Thanksgiving.

And even when it's not on the calendar to be thankful (grin) there are always lots of pictures of cute

kids, beach vacations, couples having dates that are hashtagged #blessed or #thankful.

After all we want every one to know what we have or what we're doing, but we cushion it with

#blessed or #thankful so we don't look so crass. (If I had a tattoo, it could say GUILTY right across

my arm right now)

I've done the 30 day thankfulness challenge and I've posted those very same pictures.

It is always a good reminder to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your life, for

the blessings that can overwhelm us.


This past weekend our oldest son had some same day surgery at our local children's hospital.

{Let me say from the beginning, that we are fully and completely aware that many families

could only dream of something as simple as same day surgery.}

This is his fourth surgery.  One of those included a heart procedure.  He's been through a lot in his

soon to be 16years.

Our middle child has had two simple (HA!) surgeries.

And our daughter had major kidney surgery.

I say all that to tell you this: We have spent some time in waiting rooms.  We have spent some

time wondering, worrying if our precious ones will wake up, if the surgery will work, if there will

be side effects, changed wound dressings, watched for infections and handed out countless medicines.


Here is what I have observed, and what I am learning along the way.

Those time. Those trials.

In those very moments.

I am blessed.

Not often the first thing you tend to think of in these situations, but it's true.

Why are we blessed?

Because we know the Blesser. And when your eyes are stay focused on him instead of

circumstances we can remain or even become thankful.

(I fail at this everyday, in no way am I saying I am perfect. I could tell you about the fit I threw

when we recently purchased a minivan. Thankful was not the word I would use for how I was



Let's be perfectly honest with each other.

We can do that, right?

Sometimes in the middle of those thankfulness challenges or when we are  hashtagging the

heck out of the word blessed, it's because we want others to see what we've got.

As if somehow because of things we have done, or just because of how great we are-

we are blessed.

When you show me the picture of your new boat and say #blessed, I think we're doing it wrong.

Your kid just scored three touchdowns and you're #blessed.  Maybe, but maybe not.

Could it be we have confused the blessings with the blesser?

Could it be that our Western idea of thinking has taken over and  we equate physical things/people

tangible, material things with blessings?

I can't speak for others, but I know in my own life I have found this to be true.


Whether I am sitting in the hospital waiting room, or I am waiting for the test results to come back,

having the hardest parenting day- I am blessed.  And I should be thankful.

Whether my marriage is thriving or I am trying to decide if a jury of my peers would really

convict me (oh I kid-cut me some slack we are in the middle of a renovation project)

I am blessed.

Even when I am alone.

Even when I am broke.

Even when I am being unfairly judged.

Whatever you're 'even when' might be.

We are blessed.  We should be thankful.

Not every day is your kid getting a 100% or win an award or making the winning goal.

Not every day finds you and your spouse, toes in the sand and all the warm fuzzies.

Not every day is good health.


We've got some stuff to walk through you and I.

Some rocky roads to take, where there will be some miles we feel like we are walking alone.

Some things are going to happen and it's not all going to look good or pretty and we won't be

taking pictures to share with our friends lists.

But, if we allow ourselves to look away from circumstances-

to truly focus our eyes on the Giver-instead of the trinkets

Then we will find ourselves ever so thankful and amazed by the blessings.


The blessings of peace in the storm

of knowing no matter what comes our way, we are the sons and daughters of God.

That this world is not the end.


In this coming season of focus on gratitude, thankfulness and blessings

can we make a promise not to confuse pumpkin spice lattes and new boots

with real and eternal blessings?


Whether we are at the beach or in a waiting room (physically  or metaphorically)

that we will KNOW that we KNOW that we KNOW that, grace and mercy and the

peace that comes with them are the greatest blessings all of.

I am so #blessed and #thankful for each of you! (see what I did there ;) )

Blessings to you,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cheerleaders and Trophy's

   Fall schedule is in full swing at our house, and I'll bet it is at yours too.

We were so excited when our church offered, for the first time ever, an Upward Soccer and 

Cheerleading opportunity this year.

At first I thought both of our younger kids would pick soccer, but the princess heard cheerleading and 

saw shinny pompoms and that was it-we had one soccer player and one cheerleader.

Which really was alright by me-I'm all for a cute uniform, complete with giant hair bow and 

of course the POMPOMS. 

Last Saturday was our first game.  Sisters hair was curled, uniform pressed, bow placed just so on

top of her head.  I'm know I'm just we bit biased  -but she looked adorable.

We were running just a bit behind, so I didn't stop and take a picture, thinking I could do that once 

we were there-maybe even a cute action shot-I could post on Instagram  and share the social media 

heck out of it.

We caravanned to the soccer fields, and Sister was in the car with my folks. . .and my mom being the 

amazing rock star grandma that she is, had packed a goodie bag for each kiddo, complete with a 

thermos of hot chocolate.

You can probably guess what happened next.  

Sister opened her thermos in the car, spraying hot cocoa all over her very WHITE cheerleading skirt.

Yes, we were 10 minutes away and her outfit was already ruined.

I would like to tell you that when she got out of the car I handled the situation with grace.

But, that would be a lie.

I was not happy with her.

Of course, I didn't 'yell'. . .we were in a church parking lot full of people.  I just discouraged and

demeaned through gritted teeth.  

(That last sentence was difficult to write, but it's the truth. There were several 'what were you thinking' and 'I can't believe that you just did that' being tossed about.)

She was devastated and I was aggravated.

No Instagram worthy photo now.

How will others see how cute and adorable she looked today?

That's when it hit me.

I was embarrassed.  

Yes, I was embarrassed others were going to see my daughter show up

with a stained skirt.  What would think of a mother who couldn't even wash her daughters


 I was aggravated I wouldn't get to post a picture.

(I hope my pettiness isn't shocking you. This is just the truth and there is really no way to sugar coat it to make me look good.)

That's when it hit me.  I was upset of what others would think of her and me. And if I'm truly, deeply

honest more me than my dear little one.

At halftime I apologized and asked her to forgive me, and because she really is a precious girl, she 

did so immediately.

But, it's left me with this thought since Saturday: "Am I rearing children, or am I polishing trophy's?"

Because you see, I truly believe that's what our children can become to us if we let our  pride

and arrogance take over.

We want athletic super stars,  leads in the play, academic achievers. And not only do we want them-

we want to tell everyone about them.  After all those accomplishments aren't just theirs-they are ours.

And, in some ways that's true -right?

That 100% on a spelling test, we helped drill those words.

Those Bible verses learned for AWANA-we helped with that.

But, we don't get to polish our kiddos and put them out on the self for everyone to walk by and oh 

and ahh about what great parents we must be because of the touchdown they scored, the hat trick in 

soccer or the award winning art project they just won a blue ribbon for.

My children's accomplishments and failures are theirs.  Theirs to learn from, theirs to find joy in,

theirs to own.

Life is messy and kids aren't perfect- and sometimes you show up to your first game with hot 

chocolate on your skirt.

And you know what? Life doesn't end.

In our American culture it's a battle we must face everyday.  . .am I rearing children who love Jesus, 

love others or am I polishing trophy's -shiny objects that never helped anyone?

More often than not, the battle is inside of me, but it's a battle worth fighting.

Fighting with you,