Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Are You?

I was thinking the other day of all the titles I can be called.
Wife, Mom, daughter, friend, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Granddaughter, Sister in Law, Daughter in Law.
Then there are the other names that are more like job descriptions.
Cook, laundress, maid, taxi driver, toy repairer, referee, teacher, nurse, accountant, task master, comforter, snuggler, righter of wrongs.
Then there is Bible study leader, blogger and speaker.

Sometimes when I think of all those things pulling on my time and emotions, it can make a girl want to take a nap! And, then I feel selfish. Wanting to get away from it all for just a few minutes. After all I am 'Super Woman', I'm not supposed to be tired, need to be alone or get tired of the little voices calling my name!

But, then I read in Matthew 8 where Jesus is surrounded by people. They all want something from him and he is happy to give it to them.
But, down toward the end of the passage he tells the disciples that it's time to get away. So, they set out across the lake and find themselves in the middle of the storm. While the storm in raging, Jesus is taking a nap. He's asleep in the boat. Even in the midst of the chaos around him and the things that need to be done.

Now, I'm not Jesus and I can't calm the sea with an outstretched hand and a word "BE STILL". I can't even do that with my own children sometimes!

But, I do see him there in the midst of his humanity needing sleep and it comforts me. And convicts me. The Son of God needed time alone and time to 're charge', why would I think I'm any better than that?
I read last week this awesome quote by Beth Moore "Martyrs are never self appointed". Truly eye opening. Why do I want to do it all? So, I can say I did it all??
Sometimes you've got to let the storm rage about you and just be alone and still for awhile.
Just like Jesus, it'll still be there when you wake up.
Monday, March 22, 2010

She Speaks

Several years ago, I was asked to participate in the women's ministry of our then church. I said 'No'. Actually, I said that I'm not really a women's ministry type of girl. After all, I prefer sports over crafts, theology over fiction and frankly, women can be well, mean.
Then about 3 years ago I was looking for a Bible study. And, I found one-as long as I would lead it.
REALLY Lord? I prayed. Are you sure you have the right girl?
We began with 16 ladies and now we run about 60. (Which has nothing to do with me and everything to do with ladies passionate to know Jesus more!!)
During this time I began writing and some friends and The Hubs, encouraged me to begin blogging. So, after dragging my feet I dipped my toe into the bloggy world a few months ago. Now, the Lord (I'm sure He's laughing!) is leading me into a speaking ministry. Trust me when I tell you, I'm much more comfortable singing with a bunch of preschoolers, but for now, it seems He's got other things in store for me.
Which leads me to the title of this post. I was asked by a friend to attended a conference called She Speaks. It's sponsored by Proverbs 31 ministries. As The Hubs and I read the description of the conference, he looked at me and said 'that sounds right up your alley!'. I was so excited as I read each course offered at the conference. There are three tracks you can pick from; speaking, writing, women's ministry. I'll be taking the speaking track (Lord willing).
The conference is a little over $500 plus air fare. There was also the added complication of the Hubs works most weekends. But, as we began praying, we agreed we were excited to see how God would work things out so I could go. So far, we've found a plane ticket for under $200 and lo and behold the Hubs is scheduled to be off the weekend of the conference! Now, they are giving away several scholarships to the conference to bloggers who write about She Speaks. Just write a post, link back and then see who wins on next Friday.
Seriously, how cool is God??
** And, please hear me when I say this, I may not be the winner, but I do know that He wants me to go and He'll make the way! I CANNOT WAIT to see how He does His thing!
So, thankful to be part of the show He puts on as He does it and revel in His glory!

Thanks for all your prayers and I'll keep you posted!

To read more about the contest and conference you can check it out here: or you can just click on the title of this post and it'll take you right there.
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Jesus you want isn't always the Jesus you get

Last night, getting the Princess ready for bed, we began having the discussion that Jesus is everywhere. She is 3 and we've been having this one for awhile now. She often tells me Jesus is sitting on her lap when we are driving around town.
So, last night she asked me if Jesus was everywhere. And, I said YES!
She asked me if He was in J's room and I said yes! As we were talking I was telling her that she never had to be afraid in her big girl bed because Jesus was right there with her.
She looked at me, with her big brown eyes and said,"Jesus should be with Jude and I should have Mary, because I'm a girl!"
You can imagine it was all I could do not to burst out laughing! And, quite frankly my mommy words were used up for the day so I kissed her good night and planned on tackling that bit of theology later.

But, it did get me to thinking. How often do we want the Jesus that we didn't get?
I've never wanted Jesus to be a girl (although there are those that do) but I have wanted Him to be all one thing and none of the others.
When I think someone has done me wrong-or WORSE YET-my babies or the Hubs, I know I've wanted Him to be all holiness and judgement and have no grace or mercy at all.
Then there are the times when I'd much prefer for him to be all grace and love and forget the holiness and purity (usually that one I leave for wanting for myself).
But, He is all those traits and you can't have one without the other.

Then there is the other part of the story. How do you know what Jesus looks like, if you have no idea what He says about himself? I deal with allot of Christian women (men too, but mostly women)who are striving to be Christ like, yet have no idea what that means. I know it's been true in my own life. We have some ideal of what that means but no real depth of what it is to look like Jesus.
Why is that?
Well, because it takes work. You (and by you - I mean ME) have to open your Bible and find out who he is. You've got to meet him everyday and ask him to reveal himself to you. It takes time. Time we don't feel we have or don't want to give away. It also takes letting go of any preconceived notions we might have that have no basis in Scripture.
So, let's do this thing! Let's dig and learn and be women (or men) who not only know who Jesus is, but reflect him back to the world around us.
Let's not be little preschoolers who'd rather have Mary( or anyone else), because she looks like us.
I know this to be true,the world needs much less people who look and act like me!

Wonder what theological topic we'll uncover tonight at bath time? Hope I'm ready!