Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Are You?

I was thinking the other day of all the titles I can be called.
Wife, Mom, daughter, friend, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Granddaughter, Sister in Law, Daughter in Law.
Then there are the other names that are more like job descriptions.
Cook, laundress, maid, taxi driver, toy repairer, referee, teacher, nurse, accountant, task master, comforter, snuggler, righter of wrongs.
Then there is Bible study leader, blogger and speaker.

Sometimes when I think of all those things pulling on my time and emotions, it can make a girl want to take a nap! And, then I feel selfish. Wanting to get away from it all for just a few minutes. After all I am 'Super Woman', I'm not supposed to be tired, need to be alone or get tired of the little voices calling my name!

But, then I read in Matthew 8 where Jesus is surrounded by people. They all want something from him and he is happy to give it to them.
But, down toward the end of the passage he tells the disciples that it's time to get away. So, they set out across the lake and find themselves in the middle of the storm. While the storm in raging, Jesus is taking a nap. He's asleep in the boat. Even in the midst of the chaos around him and the things that need to be done.

Now, I'm not Jesus and I can't calm the sea with an outstretched hand and a word "BE STILL". I can't even do that with my own children sometimes!

But, I do see him there in the midst of his humanity needing sleep and it comforts me. And convicts me. The Son of God needed time alone and time to 're charge', why would I think I'm any better than that?
I read last week this awesome quote by Beth Moore "Martyrs are never self appointed". Truly eye opening. Why do I want to do it all? So, I can say I did it all??
Sometimes you've got to let the storm rage about you and just be alone and still for awhile.
Just like Jesus, it'll still be there when you wake up.


Eddie Buford said...

Storms bring opportunities for God to work a miracle. I've seen it and so have you. Thanks for the post. I'm always challenged when I read your writings. God Bless:)

Angie said...

Thanks Bro. Eddie, that means more than I can say!

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