Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Jesus you want isn't always the Jesus you get

Last night, getting the Princess ready for bed, we began having the discussion that Jesus is everywhere. She is 3 and we've been having this one for awhile now. She often tells me Jesus is sitting on her lap when we are driving around town.
So, last night she asked me if Jesus was everywhere. And, I said YES!
She asked me if He was in J's room and I said yes! As we were talking I was telling her that she never had to be afraid in her big girl bed because Jesus was right there with her.
She looked at me, with her big brown eyes and said,"Jesus should be with Jude and I should have Mary, because I'm a girl!"
You can imagine it was all I could do not to burst out laughing! And, quite frankly my mommy words were used up for the day so I kissed her good night and planned on tackling that bit of theology later.

But, it did get me to thinking. How often do we want the Jesus that we didn't get?
I've never wanted Jesus to be a girl (although there are those that do) but I have wanted Him to be all one thing and none of the others.
When I think someone has done me wrong-or WORSE YET-my babies or the Hubs, I know I've wanted Him to be all holiness and judgement and have no grace or mercy at all.
Then there are the times when I'd much prefer for him to be all grace and love and forget the holiness and purity (usually that one I leave for wanting for myself).
But, He is all those traits and you can't have one without the other.

Then there is the other part of the story. How do you know what Jesus looks like, if you have no idea what He says about himself? I deal with allot of Christian women (men too, but mostly women)who are striving to be Christ like, yet have no idea what that means. I know it's been true in my own life. We have some ideal of what that means but no real depth of what it is to look like Jesus.
Why is that?
Well, because it takes work. You (and by you - I mean ME) have to open your Bible and find out who he is. You've got to meet him everyday and ask him to reveal himself to you. It takes time. Time we don't feel we have or don't want to give away. It also takes letting go of any preconceived notions we might have that have no basis in Scripture.
So, let's do this thing! Let's dig and learn and be women (or men) who not only know who Jesus is, but reflect him back to the world around us.
Let's not be little preschoolers who'd rather have Mary( or anyone else), because she looks like us.
I know this to be true,the world needs much less people who look and act like me!

Wonder what theological topic we'll uncover tonight at bath time? Hope I'm ready!


Craig said...

A good reason I like the Book of Revelation. Many ignore this book and consider it some mystery only to be studied and understood by theologians - however it is the only book in the Bible that is entitled "The Revelation of Jesus Christ"! This book is about and reveals the man that we proclaim to love! Why do we spend so little time in it? It is first a book about the revelation of Jesus Christ. He reveals Himself and His character in this book!


Angie said...

Oh, I love that the Bible was given to ALL of us, not just theologians!
We have so many notions of who Christ is, without really opening The Word to find out what He says about himself. We trust others to tell us what we should know or think about Him( I know I've been there!)
I think sometimes, it's not that we don't want to know, it's just we think we aren't smart enough to understand what we are reading or hearing-so we ask for Mary :) ( or angels ) We'd rather have the ones who were part of the story, instead of the One who the story is about!

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