Booking Questions

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What dates can I book?

Angie is willing to consider events scheduled Monday-Saturday.

What types of events does Angie usually do?

Angie speaks to women of all ages. No group is to small or large.
Women connect on many levels and Angie has a unique way of sharing God's Word and the stories from her life so each generation and stage of life can relate.

What Theme's does Angie Use When She Speaks?

Angie has several speaking themes: This is Your Time, Courage, Beauty, Friendship, Thriving in a world that merely wants you to survive and Rise Up! Putting on the armor of God.
She is happy and willing to work with the leadership teams from each event and tailor her talk for your specific group or event theme. Angie finds great joy in crafting a talk for each specific group, so don't hesitate to present her with an idea, verse or theme for your group.