Friday, June 28, 2013

In Between

I'm finding myself more and more in the In Between places of my life.

As a Momma. . .
A Freshman, 4th grader and first grader, all going to be in school full time next year.
For the first time in almost 15 years no one will be at home with me during the day.

What's a Momma to do?

In Ministry

More readers here, book in progress (I can't believe I just typed that out loud!) a few speaking
engagements lined up for the fall and spring.
But, it's in between where my dream wants to go and where my reality is.

What's a Sister to do?

In Life

I'll be 42 in August. Yep, pretty sure that's right in between the beginning and the end.

What's a Girl to do? (lots of moisturizer and sunscreen for one thing!)

Sometimes, being in between can feel overwhelming and frustrating.
It can feel lonely and like an eternal struggle.

But, I'm finding that in the In Between, I need Jesus more.

More for direction and clarity. More for peace. More for grace.

And that when I need him more, He never says He can't or He's stuck, because He's never in between. He's always right beside me.

So when I make the conscious choice to remember and believe that, suddenly the In Between places aren't quite so scary anymore as He lights up the dark.
Not so lonely as He is a constant friend.

Not so overwhelming as He is constant peace.

Not so aimless as I follow His path for me.

In Between where I've been and where I'm going.

And just like in the beginning and just like at the finish, Jesus is carrying me every step of the way.

Are you In Between any places?  I'd love to hear your stories and what gets you through those In between places.

(For the first time I'm joining check what's going on!)

In between where I've been and where I'm going!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eye On The Prize

 Today we joined a sweet friend and her two boys today to see Monsters University.

(BTW, cute movie we all enjoyed!)

Our oldest is at camp  and it was fun to do something with just the littles.

Her boys are the exact age of my two littles and great friends.

After the movie we were outside talking and letting the kiddos run around.

And since three of the four kids are boys the word "poop" was being battered around at one point.

(as a side note, seriously what is it with boys and bodily functions? What is SO comical about them??)

Friends having fun, enjoying each others company.

Sometimes as Momma's though I think we get so caught up in the behavior of the moment we forget to keep our eyes on the prize.

And our prize isn't quiet,  always well mannered, always obedient children.
(although bonus if you've got one!)

Our  prize is, children who love Jesus. Who want to serve him.  Who know their worth, their value and because they know this  aren't looking at external  things or people to validate them as they get older.
Our prize is rearing children the way our Heavenly Father parents us.

God has never once tried to change my personality. He has molded and fashioned me to use my strengths and weaknesses for Him, but never once has said I was to; stubborn, loud, ornery  or any number of things, for Him to use. Rather He's turned those things into tools to use for the kingdom.

Just like He created my personality and yours, He did that for our children too.

Which can be really hard to accept as the parent sometimes.

When you'd just prefer they be quiet  and angelic like. . . .which usually has way more to do with what we think others will think of us-instead of what the kiddo may or may not need at the moment.

What if instead of thinking we need to 'break' the mold of our children we instead embraced who God made them and gently worked to mold their little lives?

Could be world changing.

Could be life changing.

Could be church and home changing.

Eye on the Prize. . .not is my child a 'good boy or girl' in public, but does he follow Jesus and have a heart for Him and others? Are they learning to want to glorify God in all they do.

Hard lessons. Worthy lessons. Prize award winning lessons.

Breath easier Momma, with the Perfect Parent as your teacher you can do this!

From the front lines because we're in this together,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Things I Wish I Knew

There's a video making it's way around Facebook about the evolution of the swimsuit.

It's good and worth the watch.

About this time every year for the past several years, I find myself more and more disgusted by what is being marketed toward woman and especially toward our little girls.

Modesty is an old fashioned word and seemingly more old fashioned concept.

Even in church finding girls in short shorts is nothing new anymore.

But, is it right?

Growing up I had the extreme opposite. My churches brand of modesty was preached and preached often.
After all it was our job to protect the boys. They were weak creatures incapable of controlling their thoughts and we needed to have our clothes be 'lots, long and loose' to keep them from stumbling.

So, is there a balance between the two?

From wear whatever you want, to cover up from neck to below the knees?

Surely there has to be.

What if we taught our girls modesty, because the Bible clearly tells us that is how we should be-modest in our dress our makeup our hair.

Modest not because it's our job to protect boys from themselves, but modest because we are a treasure to be revealed, because we are worth more than how we look in a bikini.

And, let's face it as mom's, this job is  now  harder than ever. It almost feels as if a battle is waging around us for our children.  And sometimes in the midst of putting out all the fires and waging battle on all the fronts, modesty or the lack thereof seems like a battle we can quit fighting.
After all, we'd never want to be seen as judgmental or legalistic.

But, what if, in quitting the battle we are telling our girls that instead of the fight being not worth it, THEY are not worth it?

Yes, finding shorts that cover more than two inches of their behinds is harder and probably harder dealing with the attitude that comes with it that 'every one else is wearing them'.
Yes, finding a cute one piece or cute tankini is harder than picking up a skimpy two piece that are everywhere. . .
But, harder doesn't mean it doesn't need to be done.
That the battle shouldn't be fought.

And no we aren't going to win every battle. But, we can never give up on the war.

I won't prentend to have all the answers.
But, mom's we've got to start living it out ourselves. Model it for our girls.
Don't make them ashamed of their bodies at 11,12, 13 because they can't fill out a bikini or think they 'look fat' in one.
Help them find something cute. Keep looking until you do. And put one on yourself, no matter how hard you worked for those abs. You appreciate them and so does your man. Does everyone at the pool or beach need to as well?

I'm not throughly convinced it's just a 'Christian' or 'Moral' issue as well.

If the only power we find in ourselves is the power to show off our bodies as women then we can never hope to be taken as seriously as men.
We have been convinced by a society run by men to take off more and more clothes and that this is normal. . .I don't know, just something to think about.

There are many things I wish I knew. . .but I do know that just like I will fight for my boys when it comes to violent video games and sexual movie/tv content, I will fight for my girl to be modest.

Yes, that means she might look 'different' sometimes.  That's ok. One thing I do know is the Bible tells us over and over that this isn't our home and we're not going to fit in here.

Another thing I know is she'll always look cute, trendy and in fashion because that's important too.( and I do love fashion!)

We weren't called to hid under a rock after all.

Dear Momma if you've given up the battle because you think it's just too hard, can I urge you to enlist again?  Your Dear Daughter is worth the bloody battles so you can win the war for her heart.

Fighting the Good Fight With You,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Melting Butter

I've been baking tonight in preparation to celebrate my Dear Daddy and The Hubs tomorrow.

I found myself getting aggravated that it took longer than 30 seconds to melt the better in the microwave.

Hmmm. . .pretty sure there's a lesson in there about technology and life moving to fast ect.

(not to mention my three hour wait to pick up prescriptions for my sickies yesterday.)

But, what it really got me to thinking was how I often think I'm done with something and ready to move on, when clearly I'm not.
I don't want to keep 'cooking'. . .I think I should be done with whatever thing it is, but God says No
just a little bit longer and you'll be just right for me to use.

{Not perfect, by the way, just ready}

I don't know about you, but I've got some stuff I feel like I've been waiting to be done for a long time now.
Surely, I'm ready N O W.

But, I'm still waiting.

Here's  the cool part though, while I'm waiting stuff is still happening. It might be taking longer than I'd like, but slowly but surely I can see changes coming.

Just got to keep my eyes on the Master Chef and trust that He knows what He's doing.

What about you?  Do you feel like you've been in the oven for long enough?

Hang on, we'll all be ready soon!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Takeover

Well, summer has officially taken over.

The weather, the house, my brain. . .

Seriously, drove to church yesterday to drop off camp paperwork for the Big and needed to copy our insurance card, get there and realize I  have driven off leaving my wallet in the swim bag which, of course, is at home.
On the form where I needed to sign and date, for the date I wrote my birthday.

No, it is no longer 1971, Ang.

The next stop on our list was supposed to be the grocery store, but they tend to frown on trying to by things without any money.

So, run back home then to the store.

I would have put it off for another day but for some reason my kids like to eat every meal.
What's up with that?

Then I stayed up until about 2:00am doing laundry last night, because again the wearing of clean clothes seems somewhat essential.

There's been lots and nothing going on at the same time. . .I realize half of you will think I'm crazy(ier) right now, but I'm guessing there's the other half that knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Before I close out this rambling rambleness; I just wanted to say, as a child of God, I am so thankful He never says to me, "Just give me a minute".

When I am crying out (whining) He never says, "I cannot listen to that anymore, please take it somewhere else."

Not once has he questioned his ability to answer just ONE more question from me.

And not just me, YOU too!

Sometimes I think, when we think of God as our parent, we think of him as a flawed parent like us.


He's got all the patience in the world for you. Ask Him anything you want, as many times as you need to.

So whenever you're feeling like a pesky child, you have no need to worry that He's going to go and lock himself in the bathroom for a half hour (not that I know any Momma who may or may not have done that the other day) just he can get some quiet.

He's going to give you a listening ear, a patient heart and reassure you as many times as you need.

Ok, I'm off to fold the 2:00 am laundry.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

The View From Here

I lay in bed the other night, blinking at the dark  celling.

The Mailman was snoring beside me, holding my hand while doing so.

I sighed a deep sigh of person who needs to sleep, who should be sleeping, but her brain won't let her.

I had just read something beautiful by Ann Voskamp, looked at some beautiful and poignant pics by

Ree (Pioneer Woman) and read two witty posts by Sophie (BooMama) and Melanie (Big Mama) and

now I couldn't sleep. My brain refused to shut down.

I've been given, what I think are some God sized dreams.  Things I want to accomplish.  And those

ladies I just listed have accomplished some of the things I'd like to as well.

My goals look similar and different all at the same time.

(I hope that makes sense.)

As I lay there staring up at the darkness, 'the voice' began to whisper in my ear.

You know the one. . .it knows your soft spots, your weak places where you're most vulnerable.

And before you know it 'the voice' doesn't have to whisper anything anymore, because you've taken

over and are shouting all those to your self.

I was going over what makes those ladies unique. . .a farm in Canada, a ranch in Oklahoma and the

ability to cook amazing things, Southern charm, and a fashion sense others want to follow.

I began to smile in the darkness though, as I thought about a dot on the map right in the middle of the

country (people hear you live in Kansas and are pretty sure you must live in a wheat field and say

things to you about Dorothy and the Tin Man)  a suburban mom who is so ordinary her she could be

the poster child for ordinary.

But, isn't that just like God? To set dreams in the heart of ordinary people, knowing that if

they accomplish even one thing for Him, everyone-and most importantly the ordinary person, will

know it was all Him.

So, what is the view from here? Not sweeping prairie full of cows and cowboys, not a freshly plowed

field.  .  .  just a driveway full of kids sharing popsicles with the neighbors and slightly crazy beagle . . .

But, it all belongs to Him and that makes my ordinary- extraordinary !

What about you? What's your view?  Do you think your life is to ordinary for God to accomplish

anything with you?

Let's surrender our ordinary together and then HOLD  ON while we watch what extraordinary things

He can do!

Blessings from the 'burbs,