Thursday, June 6, 2013

The View From Here

I lay in bed the other night, blinking at the dark  celling.

The Mailman was snoring beside me, holding my hand while doing so.

I sighed a deep sigh of person who needs to sleep, who should be sleeping, but her brain won't let her.

I had just read something beautiful by Ann Voskamp, looked at some beautiful and poignant pics by

Ree (Pioneer Woman) and read two witty posts by Sophie (BooMama) and Melanie (Big Mama) and

now I couldn't sleep. My brain refused to shut down.

I've been given, what I think are some God sized dreams.  Things I want to accomplish.  And those

ladies I just listed have accomplished some of the things I'd like to as well.

My goals look similar and different all at the same time.

(I hope that makes sense.)

As I lay there staring up at the darkness, 'the voice' began to whisper in my ear.

You know the one. . .it knows your soft spots, your weak places where you're most vulnerable.

And before you know it 'the voice' doesn't have to whisper anything anymore, because you've taken

over and are shouting all those to your self.

I was going over what makes those ladies unique. . .a farm in Canada, a ranch in Oklahoma and the

ability to cook amazing things, Southern charm, and a fashion sense others want to follow.

I began to smile in the darkness though, as I thought about a dot on the map right in the middle of the

country (people hear you live in Kansas and are pretty sure you must live in a wheat field and say

things to you about Dorothy and the Tin Man)  a suburban mom who is so ordinary her she could be

the poster child for ordinary.

But, isn't that just like God? To set dreams in the heart of ordinary people, knowing that if

they accomplish even one thing for Him, everyone-and most importantly the ordinary person, will

know it was all Him.

So, what is the view from here? Not sweeping prairie full of cows and cowboys, not a freshly plowed

field.  .  .  just a driveway full of kids sharing popsicles with the neighbors and slightly crazy beagle . . .

But, it all belongs to Him and that makes my ordinary- extraordinary !

What about you? What's your view?  Do you think your life is to ordinary for God to accomplish

anything with you?

Let's surrender our ordinary together and then HOLD  ON while we watch what extraordinary things

He can do!

Blessings from the 'burbs,


holycamp09 said...

Great post and very similar thoughts to my own. I get to thinking I can do something great and then I look at my feet propped up on the arm of the couch and wonder how in the world God can get me moving. Just ordinary me? I could write, I could cook, I could serve. I have the desire, but the push to do it sometimes gets crowded out by that voice. I wish he didn't whisper so loud!

Angie said...

That whisper is awfully loud sometimes, isn't it?!?

Gayla Mckinney said...

Mrs. Angie, He is all over you! Love every single post! We seriously need to spend some time together!

Angie said...

Thanks Friend!!
And Y E S!

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