Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eye On The Prize

 Today we joined a sweet friend and her two boys today to see Monsters University.

(BTW, cute movie we all enjoyed!)

Our oldest is at camp  and it was fun to do something with just the littles.

Her boys are the exact age of my two littles and great friends.

After the movie we were outside talking and letting the kiddos run around.

And since three of the four kids are boys the word "poop" was being battered around at one point.

(as a side note, seriously what is it with boys and bodily functions? What is SO comical about them??)

Friends having fun, enjoying each others company.

Sometimes as Momma's though I think we get so caught up in the behavior of the moment we forget to keep our eyes on the prize.

And our prize isn't quiet,  always well mannered, always obedient children.
(although bonus if you've got one!)

Our  prize is, children who love Jesus. Who want to serve him.  Who know their worth, their value and because they know this  aren't looking at external  things or people to validate them as they get older.
Our prize is rearing children the way our Heavenly Father parents us.

God has never once tried to change my personality. He has molded and fashioned me to use my strengths and weaknesses for Him, but never once has said I was to; stubborn, loud, ornery  or any number of things, for Him to use. Rather He's turned those things into tools to use for the kingdom.

Just like He created my personality and yours, He did that for our children too.

Which can be really hard to accept as the parent sometimes.

When you'd just prefer they be quiet  and angelic like. . . .which usually has way more to do with what we think others will think of us-instead of what the kiddo may or may not need at the moment.

What if instead of thinking we need to 'break' the mold of our children we instead embraced who God made them and gently worked to mold their little lives?

Could be world changing.

Could be life changing.

Could be church and home changing.

Eye on the Prize. . .not is my child a 'good boy or girl' in public, but does he follow Jesus and have a heart for Him and others? Are they learning to want to glorify God in all they do.

Hard lessons. Worthy lessons. Prize award winning lessons.

Breath easier Momma, with the Perfect Parent as your teacher you can do this!

From the front lines because we're in this together,


Linda B. said...

What was hardest for me to accept is when they had MY faults! But God has been so good, in spite of them....

Angie said...

One of the kiddos was making me C R A Z Y last week. Then I realized everything that was bothering me is what drives me crazy about myself!
Of all the ways God could have taught us, I'm so glad he chooses to do it through our children!

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