Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Takeover

Well, summer has officially taken over.

The weather, the house, my brain. . .

Seriously, drove to church yesterday to drop off camp paperwork for the Big and needed to copy our insurance card, get there and realize I  have driven off leaving my wallet in the swim bag which, of course, is at home.
On the form where I needed to sign and date, for the date I wrote my birthday.

No, it is no longer 1971, Ang.

The next stop on our list was supposed to be the grocery store, but they tend to frown on trying to by things without any money.

So, run back home then to the store.

I would have put it off for another day but for some reason my kids like to eat every meal.
What's up with that?

Then I stayed up until about 2:00am doing laundry last night, because again the wearing of clean clothes seems somewhat essential.

There's been lots and nothing going on at the same time. . .I realize half of you will think I'm crazy(ier) right now, but I'm guessing there's the other half that knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Before I close out this rambling rambleness; I just wanted to say, as a child of God, I am so thankful He never says to me, "Just give me a minute".

When I am crying out (whining) He never says, "I cannot listen to that anymore, please take it somewhere else."

Not once has he questioned his ability to answer just ONE more question from me.

And not just me, YOU too!

Sometimes I think, when we think of God as our parent, we think of him as a flawed parent like us.


He's got all the patience in the world for you. Ask Him anything you want, as many times as you need to.

So whenever you're feeling like a pesky child, you have no need to worry that He's going to go and lock himself in the bathroom for a half hour (not that I know any Momma who may or may not have done that the other day) just he can get some quiet.

He's going to give you a listening ear, a patient heart and reassure you as many times as you need.

Ok, I'm off to fold the 2:00 am laundry.



Gayla Mckinney said...

Love the sentence: "There's been lots and nothing going on at the same time..."!!! That's so summer, isn't it! Love how you point us to Jesus in the everyday and in everything! Keep writing!

Angie said...

Thanks for reading !

Carrie said...

I found your blog through the BigMama blog. I loved reading this post...and I am in the half that totally get what you're talking about! :) Your writing is beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading more as a I follow you! :)

Angie said...

Thanks so much for coming over, reading and commenting!
She's one of my fav's (Big Mama)

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