Saturday, June 15, 2013

Melting Butter

I've been baking tonight in preparation to celebrate my Dear Daddy and The Hubs tomorrow.

I found myself getting aggravated that it took longer than 30 seconds to melt the better in the microwave.

Hmmm. . .pretty sure there's a lesson in there about technology and life moving to fast ect.

(not to mention my three hour wait to pick up prescriptions for my sickies yesterday.)

But, what it really got me to thinking was how I often think I'm done with something and ready to move on, when clearly I'm not.
I don't want to keep 'cooking'. . .I think I should be done with whatever thing it is, but God says No
just a little bit longer and you'll be just right for me to use.

{Not perfect, by the way, just ready}

I don't know about you, but I've got some stuff I feel like I've been waiting to be done for a long time now.
Surely, I'm ready N O W.

But, I'm still waiting.

Here's  the cool part though, while I'm waiting stuff is still happening. It might be taking longer than I'd like, but slowly but surely I can see changes coming.

Just got to keep my eyes on the Master Chef and trust that He knows what He's doing.

What about you?  Do you feel like you've been in the oven for long enough?

Hang on, we'll all be ready soon!


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Linda B said...

I hear you, dear--stick and fork in my and I am DONE. But God's not I continue to cook.

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