Monday, October 24, 2011

Cookie Cutters and Pit Dwellers

We were making sugar cookie cut outs with Mimi a few weeks ago and I was looking at those cookie cutters precisely cutting the dough so all the cookies were uniform, I began thinking about a term I hadn't used in a while . . .

After growing up in a church were the "law" abounded much more than grace, we coined a term called
"Cookie Cutters".

Everyone (I'm being broad here) dressed alike, thought alike, listed to the same music, same views on politics. . .and heaven help you if you didn't.
You could get labeled "Rebellious" or much worse.

It took many years of struggling and fighting to break free from those thoughts and actions.  Sometimes, with grace and dignity, more often than not though with the scars that come from the struggle.

I can look back now and see the good intentions (for the most part) that were there but that was a process that took along time and brought about many scars.
Of course, when you  look at a scar,  you can see where you were healed, so I don't mind them so much now.

But one day not so long ago, I was sitting a table of ladies who were sharing their stories.
Stories of battles and struggles, of a broken lives being remade new-through grace alone.

Stories that were painful to hear.

Stories that made me cringe.

Stories, that in my former life I would have shaken my head sadly and said "what a shame, now they can never be used by God".  (as if the Bible isn't full of God taking the most broken and using them for great things in His name?!?!)

But, now I find myself drawn to these Souls, who yearn to be free, who  yearn to know their Savior -not just follow a list of rules to somehow make themselves feel closer to God.

I've decided I'd rather deal with a group of former Pit Dwellers -yearning to be free- than a group of Cookie Cutters who have no idea what freedom really means.
Monday, October 17, 2011

Ocean of Grace

Grace is like the ocean

Always moving

Freely Flowing

It never becomes still or stagnant

No, instead like an ocean wave, it washes over you

Crashes into you

Envelops you

Touches every part of you

But here in the Ocean it is safe to sink down  into the deep end

There is room for everyone

Come and dive into the

Ocean of Grace
Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Doubt

Dirty Cleats at my feet

Dirty Dishes in my sink

Laughter flowing through the house

Wagging tail of my beagle friend 

Kissed at the door when My Man comes in

All these things and more

Leave no doubt


Grace Abounds.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rambling Randomness

My Middle has pneumonia. Let's just say that'll put a hold on everything  'important' you had going on in your week.
Times like these when I'm so thankful to be a stay at home mom.

 And for Diet Coke.

And Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, we introduced the kids to The Hardy Boys starring one Mr. Shaun Cassidy, the other night.

OH MY STARS!  I think I forgot how dreamy those brothers were. And cheesy. But from the way to cool van, to flared pants and feathered hair, those boys had it going on.

And the kids- had the totally appropriate response of LOVING the show!

We also introduced them to Dennis the Menace. Which may or may not have been a mistake.
Let's just say there was ALot of laughter.

And the laughter, it did frighten me.

Our precious friends who've been serving the people of Ghana for the past year and half, are coming home on Saturday.
The anticipation in our house is as close to waiting for Christmas.

We're just a wee bit excited.

It's been dry and in the 80's here for most of September and now 11 days into October.

This girl is not complaining!

Cheering for soccer in sunshine and 80's is much more fun than in the rain and 50's.

But, I do the fall colors and they are beginning to show off here.

I've become slightly addicted to Words With Friends.

Someone found the blog by googling "Lessons Monkey's Learn".  I can't tell you how happy that made me.

Ok, I'm off to pass out medicines and  breathing treatments.
I refuse to complain about this because I am keenly aware that we are blessed to be able to do so.
My boy will get better. Not everyone can say that.

Thanks for listening to my rambling randomness today. Feel free to leave me a random thought of your own.

I'll leave you with this verse:

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.” Psalm 62:1 NIV

Praying for you today, Peeps! Praying your will find rest.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From Here to Here

Today my first born turned 13.


We officially have a teenager in the house.
I've spent the day wondering how we went from 


                                                                  To here.

                                                                    From here

To here

                                                                    From here (with my giant pregnant belly)
                                                                 To here

                                                       From silly little boy

To serious young man

You're growing up

But to me
                                                  This is who you'll always be.

Happy Birthday Bubba!
Sunday, October 2, 2011

The One

In my minds eye

I see your sandal clad  feet

Walking along the dusty roads

In old Galilee 

The hem of your garment gently brushing the ground

Your back is to me

And I wonder if you know I'm there

There resisting the urge to run and throw myself at your feet

Afraid to lose my dignity

Your face turns to the side

I can tell by your profile that you're smiling

Gentle and Kind

Suddenly we're face to face

Quickly I look down afraid to meet your eyes.

They pierce inside to the very heart of me

Then I feel your touch upon my shoulder

Warm and tender

Pulling my chin up so my eyes meet yours

"Don't be afraid, Child" was all you would need to say

At your feet I would  fall 

weeping, calling to all who will hear

This is Jesus Christ

My Savior, King,

He is

The One.

Then I blink and just as suddenly I'm back

To the modern age

Where everything is always sifting and swirling around

Do I even find the time or courage  to say

"I follow The Way of Jesus, God's one and only Son."

Or am I afraid that others will think I'm old fashioned and out of date.

The vision is back

Once again I hear you say my name.

Yes, Lord, I hear you

And I will obey.

My name is Angie and I follow The Way

His name is Jesus

He came to die and rose again on the third day

He walked the earth and lives today

He will  make you new, provide forgiveness too

He'll be your shelter, 

Your Rock

Your Savior 

Your King

Who once wore sandals and had dusty feet.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night Lights

We spent our Friday night sitting outside watching our baby girl and the rest of the Preschoolers -2nd graders perform a little program.

You're welcome for all the cuteness I'm about to show you!

Herding Cats -I mean getting the preschoolers in place.

Cutest Little Preschooler I know.

The  Princes had  solo-but it's  having trouble loading
 Just know it's the sweetest thing you've seen in awhile. 

It has been one of the longer weeks I've experienced in awhile-last night was such a gift.
Watching these little guys sing about Jesus-precious beyond words.

Happy Saturday!