Monday, October 24, 2011

Cookie Cutters and Pit Dwellers

We were making sugar cookie cut outs with Mimi a few weeks ago and I was looking at those cookie cutters precisely cutting the dough so all the cookies were uniform, I began thinking about a term I hadn't used in a while . . .

After growing up in a church were the "law" abounded much more than grace, we coined a term called
"Cookie Cutters".

Everyone (I'm being broad here) dressed alike, thought alike, listed to the same music, same views on politics. . .and heaven help you if you didn't.
You could get labeled "Rebellious" or much worse.

It took many years of struggling and fighting to break free from those thoughts and actions.  Sometimes, with grace and dignity, more often than not though with the scars that come from the struggle.

I can look back now and see the good intentions (for the most part) that were there but that was a process that took along time and brought about many scars.
Of course, when you  look at a scar,  you can see where you were healed, so I don't mind them so much now.

But one day not so long ago, I was sitting a table of ladies who were sharing their stories.
Stories of battles and struggles, of a broken lives being remade new-through grace alone.

Stories that were painful to hear.

Stories that made me cringe.

Stories, that in my former life I would have shaken my head sadly and said "what a shame, now they can never be used by God".  (as if the Bible isn't full of God taking the most broken and using them for great things in His name?!?!)

But, now I find myself drawn to these Souls, who yearn to be free, who  yearn to know their Savior -not just follow a list of rules to somehow make themselves feel closer to God.

I've decided I'd rather deal with a group of former Pit Dwellers -yearning to be free- than a group of Cookie Cutters who have no idea what freedom really means.


Hillbilly Tonya said...

I have been thinking on this alot lately. I met the wife of a pastor here in's a cookie cutter church. I yearn to be in church so badly that I came close to going there...but then husband reminded me of the former life.

No, I am not settling for that. I am waiting on God to supply the church. (Well, we do have to continue hunting but seeking Him in the midst of that).

We are all unique, and have been in unique things. Things that we can help others that have been in the same...and we can point them to Whom got us through it.

Angie said...

Keep up the Good Fight, Dear Friend!

I was praying for you this weekend-we were on "Church Corner" there in town and thought of you and your church search. Prayed you'd have such clarity and find a place of grace to call "home".

Anonymous said...

I have been burned many times by people who call themselves Christians and smile at me on the outside, but act differently to me because of past sins. I know I did wrong but I thought at church is were I could be forgiven.
Thank you for writing this, it makes me feel like I am not alone.

Angie said...

If you've asked Jesus, then you are forgiven!

Don't forget the church is made up a sinners-and you are never alone!!
Praying for you,

Tonya Owens said...

That final paragraph... perfectly said. EXACTLY how I feel. I think for us the eye opener was when my husband went through all his stuff... his church he pastored abandoned him on words alone. Words that were found to be untrue! But by the time they were, it was too late. He was already abandoned. But the non cookie cutter type were there and ready with open arms to support him.
Then it happened all over again when he got sick. They were clueless as to why he couldn't attend. We'd try to explain, and they just didn't get it. We were the ones in the wrong for not going to church. I found my support, again with huge open arms, in the non cookie cutter crowd.
Love my Lord with all my heart and He totally 'gets it'. This was perfect to post in the healing group today.

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