Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why I don't care if my kids have a good day or not

Ok, so the title is a bit harsh sounding.

But, it's true.

Perhaps I should explain as I had to a few weeks ago when I had a friend at the house who heard my departing words to the 2 biggest monkeys as they left for school.

"Honor God Today. Make good choices!"

She smiled at me and said, "You didn't tell them to have a good day!?!".

No. Nope I didn't.

And here is why:

While I would be grateful if my kids had a good day, it matters little to me if in that 'goodness' of their day they didn't honor God and make God Honoring choices.

My primary goal as their Momma is not that they will be happy.

(And contrary to popular belief on some days it's not that they will be miserable either ;) )

It's not that they will be popular or great students.

My primar is goal is to set them on the path to Honor God all their days.  And with every choice that they make they change the world at the same time.

That is so much more important to me than their happiness.

You see I can't control their circumstances to make them 'happy'.

 (Insert that it took me years of learning this and is sometimes still a struggle. Don't mess with the Momma Lion and her cubs!)

People can be mean (Do YOU remember Middle School??)

School work can be difficult. (Hello Algebra -we hate you)

Your team won't always win.

A friend may just walk away when you need them most.

BUT if they (me, you) chose each day to Honor God make choices that reflect that, He  has promised them (us) all sorts of amazing things.

He'll be their friend.
He'll be on their side.
He'll be the Captain of their team-that never loses.

What more could a Momma wish for?

So no, I don't want them to settle for just having a good day.

Nobody ever changed the world by just having a good day.

I want them to Honor God with every choice.

To be different.

To Change the Tide.

I want that for me too.

So, I'll say it to you and to me too:

"Honor God today and make good choices!"


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful to read after seeing you on Tuesday morning...coming to MOPS...when there was no meeting...opps! I prayed for you when I went into Precepts, that you would use your time wisely and that God had another plan for you...all dressed up and...(Whereever He sent you). I hope you honored Him with your choices! Love you and see you next Tuesday. Jane

Angie said...

Thanks for praying for me!! This crazy girl needs all the help she can get! I've never done that before. . .called hubby in the car and he said, Well better a week early than a week late.

Love you too-looking forward to next week!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

This is a really good post. And a reminder to me to keep my focus.

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