Monday, May 2, 2016

Bathrooms, Boycotts, and One Mom's Voice

I feel like before I wade to deep into this water that I should tell you a little about myself for

full discloser.

I am a born again Christian. I believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  I believe that the Bible

has clear standards by which we are to live. I believe sin is sin no matter the stripe, but yes

I do believe that homosexuality and others sexual sins-including Transgenderism- are offensive to


Politically, I no longer call myself a Republican but a Conservative and I'm pretty staunch in

those views.

I have worked at Target.  I was a sales floor team member for 2 years about 11 years ago. . .and

I LOVED it. I was very good at my job, received a couple of awards and even had a customer

brag on me to the cooperation and I received a letter of  appreciation from the president of Target.


Bloggers everywhere are chiming in on the controversy surrounding the decision by Target to

announce that people may use which ever restroom they choose by which matches the gender they

are identifying with.

I don't usually like to write posts about things that are blowing up social media and news feeds,

because there are typically much louder voices than mine doing so, or I find others saying what

I would like to say and I feel there's no need for my voice.

But, a few times in my blogging life have been different and this seems like one of them.


My Conservative Christian brothers and sisters are up in arms.

And I get it.  I mean really, it seems like such a silly argument to me. And to most of us, I'm

sure it does. But, then I've never been presenting myself to the world as the opposite gender,

so maybe it causes more angst  than I can ever fully know.

Our society is changing and changing quickly. It can cause your head to spin and wonder

what in the world is happening.


I have never noticed  bathroom police at Target or any where else,  and frankly if you're dressed

as a woman and still enter the mens room that seems so much more of a stranger thing to happen.

I know I have shared a restroom with a transgendered person more than once.  I did not fear

for my safety.  I have however feared for my children (namely my boys) sending them into

the mens restroom when they were little guys and seeing some sketchy looking characters come out

before they did.

With this new policy (although I question whether it's new. I think it's just being stated out loud

for the first time) much of the conversation amongst Christians and Conservatives is about safety.

I get that. I do.  But, here's the thing. You had a false sense of safety before, if you thought a

public restroom was safe.  Story after story can be told of heterosexual predators and  child predators

long before this policy. Does it make it easier for them? I have no idea. But, maybe not, as you

might be more aware of your surroundings now.


Perhaps you can guess already what I am going to say about the boycott of Target.

I will not be participating.

As an American you have every right to spend your hard earned dollars wherever you see fit.

I absolutely believe that.

But, it seems for Christians this is our go-to.  And I suppose it's because we know that's where

we can hurt them, right in their pocketbook.

I'm just left wondering, why are we surprised/scared/confused when a known liberal leaning

company, acts like a liberal leaning company?

Really, how was anyone surprised by  or taken off guard by this?


I can hear the comments and emails being written now.

About the Bible and what it has to say about sexuality.

About how if we don't take a stand now when will we?

I hear you.

Here is my response.

The need these people have, the need I have and every person has, is Jesus.

Their sin is unbelief, yes manifested in outward ways, but their sin is no worse than mine.

Or yours.

And if we Jesus Followers believe this to be true. . .that all sin and fall short of the glory of God. .

that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. . .

then how do we tell them if we're boycotting them?

How do we tell them if we are walking into our local Target store and confronting sales floor

people or store managers (Who have absolutely have  no power to change the mandate from

their corporate office and are just trying to earn a paycheck ).

When we are ugly and unkind in one moment then telling about the saving grace of Jesus in the next?

Or are we even doing that?  Are we so concerned about our changing society we'd rather focus on

that and how it upsets us, then telling people about Jesus?

We will never win them with a boycott.  We can never scream loud or long enough.  When we  take

on the worlds methods of getting our point across our voice begins to sound the same and gets

downed out.


So, what's the answer?

I'm just one mom, and there are many many much smarter and wiser than me, but for me, I'll

keep shopping those discounts racks at Target.  I will smile and be polite. When there's a chance to

talk about Jesus I will. Talk about Jesus. Not bathrooms.

Jesus can save. Save to the uttermost. Save us all from every pit we're in. The ones we've been

pushed in and the ones we've created ourselves.

Only Jesus.


So, do I think you're a horrible person if you boycott Target?

No not necessarily. If you've prayed about it and feel the Holy Spirit leading you in that way then


I would ask that you do it kindly. Respectfully even. Can you imagine that? Disagreeing without

being disagreeable.

And I would say this, don't do it because you're afraid.

Jesus is coming back. He will right every wrong. He will make straight all the crooked  places. (no

pun intended)

Yes, our country looks different than it used to.

I say good. . .as hard as that is to swallow.  It brings us closer to depending on God instead of


It allows us more opportunities to share the love of Christ.

We've become lazy over the generations, we Western Christians.

It's time we flex our muscles and fight the good fight; down on our knees in prayer, sharing the

gospel even when it's neither convenient or safe, tell the truth about what the Bible says.

But, for me. I'll go shopping.

And if I have to use the restroom while I'm out. . .well it was never my favorite place in Target

anyway. . .have you been in a public bathroom, they're pretty nasty no matter what.

I'll smile at the cashier and I'll tell her Jesus loves her. Because he does.  And that might be

the first time they've ever heard that or it might be what they needed to hear that day, and I can't

do it if I'm boycotting.


We can do this. . .walk in grace.

Let's do it together.

Much Love,