Monday, July 27, 2015

Try Try Again

My Mother in Law is here  for a visit this week, so the kids and I have been cleaning machines over the weekend. (Nothing motivates cleaning quite like company)

My Sweet, Belle was in charge of the windows and doors.

The only trouble was she was spraying higher than she could reach.

 So, I told her she didn't have to get all the way to the top, just from where she could see down.
When she looked at me and said "I can do it Mom. I'll just aim higher and jump if I have to."

And she did.
Know what? It wasn't perfect. It was streaked in some places and some of the spray left in others.

But, that's ok. (There was a time in my life when that wouldn't have been ok. But perfection is such a useless pursuit. She learned more in the trying than she ever would have if I would have gone back and 'fixed' her work)

She aimed as high as she could and when she couldn't reach any higher, she jumped to try even more.

What a life lesson wrapped up in a little girl, a bottle of windex and a paper towel.

It's the trying that counts.

Let's all aim a little higher than we can reach this week, and jump if we have to. And if it's a little messier than we'd planned and not quite perfect. . .well, that's ok. You tried.

It's the trying that counts.

Practicing with you,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When Your Faith Squeaks Instead of Roars

Yesterday was difficult.

While news broke of political deals with Iran and body parts of precious babies being sold by

Planned Parenthood, a sweet childhood friend of mine passed away after her hard fought battle with

cancer.  She left behind a loving husband and six beautiful little children, grieving parents and big

sister and friends to numerous to count. And while I watched from the sidelines those closest to her

grieve, my heart shattered into pieces for them.

Yes, yesterday was difficult.

I found myself over and over throughout the day, thinking-praying, "Jesus, just please come and take

us home".

I was talking with a friend about everything going on and she said "Sometimes my GOD WINS roar

sounds more like a mouse squeaking,  and today is one of those squeaking days."

I could not stopping thinking about those words.

Yes, somedays it is easy to stand on our proverbial mountain tops and shout for the whole world to

 hear,"GOD WINS", but if you and I are very honest, somedays we are over in the corner, rocking

back and forth squeaking, whispering "God wins", as if we're trying to convince ourselves as much

as anyone else. And, we are. At least trying to remember.

Maybe that offends you. Maybe you've never faced a dark night of the soul. Maybe what is

happening in the world around you doesn't effect you the same way. Maybe the cruelty of death

has never snuck up on you. . .because I promise no matter how prepared you are that it is coming,

death is evil and wicked and is like a thief who leaves devastation in his wake.

But, here is what I've come to know and believe, God applauds and cherishes our squeaks and

whispers just as much, if not more than, our roars.

After all, it's easy to stand and roar when everything is easy. The sun is shining and life is good. Our

people are healthy and happy, the bank account is thick and friends are all around us.  Yes, of course,

we can stand and say with the confidence of a movie superhero's megavoice "GOD WINS".

But what happens when the storms come and life is difficult. Our people are sick and sad and anxiety

or disease has taken over, the bank account now has red ink instead of black and it's difficult to find a

friend.  If when -because it's always when not if-these things happen, and our voice gets a little

quieter and we find ourselves barely able to squeak out, "God wins" but still find the courage and

faith to whisper those words, I believe God stands and applauds.

Anyone can shout from the mountain top when life is easy, but it takes a faith that is down to our

marrow to proclaim this truth in the darkest night.  But, whether a roar, whisper or squeak you can

be assured that God hears it all.  And if life has beaten you up, you just keep whispering it over

and over-even if you think you're the only one who can hear it.

God sees you, your faith in the middle of the darkness is precious to Him.

And remember this, it is true. God does win.

No news cycle, betrayal, murder or death is a surprise to Him.

When you've cried all you can and then some more, and haven't slept for days, remember you're not

alone in this journey.

Psalm 56:8
You have kept count of my tossings;
    put my tears in your bottle.
    Are they not in your book?

Your tears are precious to him --every sleepless night--He knows and understands.

He has promised to make things right and to dry your tears.

Isaiah 25:8-9
He will swallow up death forever;
and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces,
    and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth,
    for the Lord has spoken.
It will be said on that day,
    “Behold, this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might save us.
    This is the Lord; we have waited for him;
    let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.”

Hold on, keep waiting, and if you find yourself whispering instead of roaring during the waiting. . .

well, you just keep on whispering, someday --someday, you will be able to roar again.

God wins.

Yes. He does. And He WILL save His people.


Grace and Peace Precious One-You are dearly loved,