Monday, December 31, 2012

2013-weren't we supposed to have our own robots by now?

Happy New Year, Friends!

Your support, encouragement and friendship to this little ministry and to my family have meant

more than you can know.

2013 is upon us. Hard to believe really.

I promise to pray for you this year.  And when I do this is what I'll pray:

I pray that you know Jesus more.

I pray that the love of family surrounds you this next year.

I pray that you have all you need,

and when you do, that you remember to thank  to The ONE who provided it and that you

remember to share it with someone who doesn't.

I pray in times of trouble that will undoubtable come, you'll find a peace that can only come

from THE Prince of Peace.

I pray you laugh more than you cry.

I pray you give more than you take.

I pray that in the middle of you ordinary, everyday life, you see the hand of God at work- even if it's
in the aisle of the grocery store.  Be alert, be aware because He's always there ready to show himself to you-and me.

And while I'm praying all these things for you, and me too, I'll stop and say Thank You Lord for allowing them to let me into their lives and for blessing me by doing so.

Peace, Love and Joy to you in the New Year,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Praying for Newtown

Like you, I've spent the last day and a  half crying, praying, hugging my children, crying and praying some more.

Answers are easy and complicated.

Aren't the always?

The answer to every question is Jesus.

It's complicated because we humans make it so.

So, I cry some more.

And pray. Sometimes with words, sometimes no words can be formed.

Here are some thoughts I began to jot down yesterday and this morning.

Jesus Oh Jesus,

We need you more than ever.

Children, Jesus. . .just babies.

Oh their Mama's and Daddy's . . .I can't even imagine.

I don't want to imagine.

Jesus, when you came to us here on earth, there was a mass murder too.
You were surrounded by violence your whole earthy  life, you know how they feel.

How we feel.

I see so much wrong, Lord.
Family's falling apart, crime rates, violence in our day to day lives that we not only tolerate, but
The list never seems to end.

Forgive us Lord.

Forgive us for rejecting you so long ago and every day since.

Forgive those of us who say we follow you, but live no differently.

Jesus, comfort those parents like only you can.
If they don't know you, help them find you.
Surround them with kindness and peace that only comes from you.

Lord, those police and paramedics . . .Lord I can't imagine what they are seeing, the nightmares
that will haunt them for years.
Lord, I pray you'd give them strength for the job and a sound mind and peace after they're done.

You promised you never change. I'm believing you Lord.

Believing that your grace is enough. That the brokenhearted can be whole in you.

That you love us.

We are down here hurting Lord, longing for your return.
I believe you when you said you'd never leave us.
That you'd come back again.

Help us hold on until then Lord.
It's so hard down here.

Lord, help us be the light in the darkness.
Because it's so dark here.

Jesus hold those precious children close to you. Hold their parents closer still.

Use this tragedy to bring someone to you.

Help us Jesus.


I couldn't get the lyrics from I heard the bells on Christmas Day out of my head yesterday.
Perhaps they'll bring you some comfort as well too.

And in despair I bowed my head:
"There is no peace on earth," I said,
"For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men."

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men.

Grace and Peace,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lessons in Humility

If you asked me what strongholds I tend to struggle with most, my answer typically would be;

fear, control, self doubt (has a lot to do with fear).

Pride isn't something I would say I necessarily struggle with, except of course, fear and control as so much to do with pride don't they?

Yesterday was a day I got some lessons close up and personal with humility.

My day began by going for an interview for a part time retail job.

(No, this isn't my ideal or dream job but we've got some hefty medical bills sitting here that just
plum need paid)

I walked in fully confident I'd be leaving with a job.

That didn't happen.

They needed me to be available on Sundays and I said not possible.
They politely showed me the door.

After that I ran to the grocery store. I've needed to go for a few days now and have just not had the time.  I try and only go twice a week so as it is my cart is overflowing and the extra days and it was crammed FULL.

As I began to unload my cart the lady in line behind me began what I thought would be a nice chat.

I was wrong.

'Boy your cart is really full.'

Yes, it sure is, I've got three kiddos at home I'm trying to kept fed (insert smile here).

'OH, are they all as fat as you?'. . . .

Time seemed to stop.

I could feel my face become red as I felt the heat rise.

I was so embarrassed.

The  only thing I could think to say as I looked down, no longer making eye contact with her, was

'Would you like to go ahead of me?'

She said yes.

I kept unloading my cart, as the sound of my heartbeat filled my ears.

So humiliating.

Needless to say, my afternoon was filled with many many thoughts and frankly a few tears.

Felt a bit like a loser at some points.

One of my primary thoughts though  was this:  I'm so glad I know who I am in Christ otherwise that could really bring a girl down!

But, as I laid my head down on my pillow last night, I found myself thanking the Lord for pointing out my pride and letting  me practice humility.

I truly believe He lets us have tests until we can pass them.

I hope yesterday brought me a step closer to passing, because let me say those test were NOT FUN.

However, the opportunity to reflect on Scripture that tell me who I am in Christ and how my value can never be determined by my job status or dress size. . .

well that part was pretty awesome.

Whatever difficult thing you find yourself going through today, lean on Him, trust Him.

Jesus is the only way we'll make through this mean world.

Oh, and never forget you have no idea what turmoil someone went through just trying to buy groceries for their family.
Let's be extra kind today.

Blessings from the trenches,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Star Light

As I step out of my door

The cold wind takes my breathe away.

I pause for a moment as I try and acclimate to the temperature

Looking up at the sky

The star light flickers down at me

And I wonder if these were the same stars that brought shepherds to their knees

That sent Wise Men on a grand adventure.

Holding ever so still now

A tear upon my cheek

I think about a girl, not yet a women

And all she faced on a night like this one.

How scared was she?

He was there holding her  hand, but did she just want her mother?

How confused was she, because I imagine when the angel told her that her world was about to change

I'm sure she never imagined giving birth to her King among the hay and animals.

The quiet overwhelms me now as I gaze upon the night sky

If I hold still long enough could I hear the angels song

Echo through the ages?

Could I feel the brush of a wing as they rush to tell of the birth of the king?

My mind is quiet and my body still as I pause to listen

But there is no angel song tonight

At least not here on Earth.

But in my soul the echo is loud and clear

Emmanuel, God with us, is here.

Oh this Christmas season, I pray that I take the time to look at those stars again

And pause to remember,

A baby born in the stable

Came and changed the world.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Words that shouldn't be in the dictionary

Our oldest kiddo has always been pretty insightful.

One year when he was just a little guy, right at four years old

The Hubs had taken him out to look at Christmas lights.

They were deep into a conversation when C said, "You know Daddy alone shouldn't be a word, it

shouldn't  even be in the dictionary."

Of course Hubby asked him why, and his answer though surprising for a four old really shouldn't be,

because  kids get it more than adults do I think.

His response was, "Because of Jesus we're never alone."

If this Christmas season, or life in general is overwhelming you and you're feeling alone,

please hold on to this Emmanuel has come.

Even in your darkest days.  The hours where the quiet can overwhelm and circumstances that seem to push you farther into the darkness make you feel as if the light will never come again.

You are never alone.

God has sent his son, given him a name to let us know that we are never alone.

Emmanuel, God with us.

God with you.

You are not alone.

Hold on,

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ordinary Girl

Tis the Season. . .

My living room is littered with  plastic storage bins filled with Christmas decorations.

Our main tree is up, but we still have several to go. . .it always takes me longer than I'd planned.
You'd think I'd plan for that.

Between sick kids and a school trip for our oldest, and extended family situations it's just not done yet.

I've decided I'm OK with that though.

Because, as it's taken me longer, I'm finding I've had more time to reflect.

Today I can't seem to get Mary off of my mind.

In my particular church denomination  Mary is not typically  celebrated.

After all she was just an ordinary girl, Jesus is who the glory should go to.

 And while that's true,
 in this ordinary girl I find a heroine to give hope to the ordinary girls just like me.

I have felt very overwhelmed lately and today was no different.

As I look at all that needs to be done, obligations to be met, bills to be paid, cookies made, gifts bought

and wrapped.

Help that must be given.

 Laundry piled on the floor.

Calendars full.. .

Overwhelmed and inadequate are the emotions I tend to struggle with the most.

It's even in my tag line. . .'an ordinary mom'.

Sometimes, I struggle with how God could use my ordinariness.

Not even how so much, as would He even want to?

After all, there are so many gifted people He has to choose from out there.

But, as I've been reflecting on Mary today, the thought that is being whispered down deep in my soul

was how ordinary Mary was. . .the mother of Jesus.  . . the one who was chosen to carry the son of God . . .

Just an ordinary girl.

Nothing special on the outside. No great talents we're told of, no superior intellect, not rich or famous.

Just a girl living out her normal everyday life.

Until an angel's announcement changed everything for her.

Everything and nothing.

Because to almost everyone around her, she was still just an ordinary girl.

But, God knew her heart. Knew how she loved him and was willing to serve Him.

And he used her ordinariness to change the world.

Perhaps you're ordinariness is overwhelming you right now.

The diapers, the dishes, the toys, the laundry, the paperwork, the bills, the boss that's unkind.

You feel so ordinary and useless for any 'great' kingdom agenda.

I'm no angel, but I want to give you some Good News that is for you and all people.

God seems to take great delight in those who use their ordinariness for him.

Serve your king in all you do.

Sing your song of praise to Him in the middle of your most mundane tasks.

He's sees. He knows.

He just might use your ordinariness to change the world.

Blessings in the midst of boxes and laundry,