Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Star Light

As I step out of my door

The cold wind takes my breathe away.

I pause for a moment as I try and acclimate to the temperature

Looking up at the sky

The star light flickers down at me

And I wonder if these were the same stars that brought shepherds to their knees

That sent Wise Men on a grand adventure.

Holding ever so still now

A tear upon my cheek

I think about a girl, not yet a women

And all she faced on a night like this one.

How scared was she?

He was there holding her  hand, but did she just want her mother?

How confused was she, because I imagine when the angel told her that her world was about to change

I'm sure she never imagined giving birth to her King among the hay and animals.

The quiet overwhelms me now as I gaze upon the night sky

If I hold still long enough could I hear the angels song

Echo through the ages?

Could I feel the brush of a wing as they rush to tell of the birth of the king?

My mind is quiet and my body still as I pause to listen

But there is no angel song tonight

At least not here on Earth.

But in my soul the echo is loud and clear

Emmanuel, God with us, is here.

Oh this Christmas season, I pray that I take the time to look at those stars again

And pause to remember,

A baby born in the stable

Came and changed the world.


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