Saturday, December 8, 2012

Words that shouldn't be in the dictionary

Our oldest kiddo has always been pretty insightful.

One year when he was just a little guy, right at four years old

The Hubs had taken him out to look at Christmas lights.

They were deep into a conversation when C said, "You know Daddy alone shouldn't be a word, it

shouldn't  even be in the dictionary."

Of course Hubby asked him why, and his answer though surprising for a four old really shouldn't be,

because  kids get it more than adults do I think.

His response was, "Because of Jesus we're never alone."

If this Christmas season, or life in general is overwhelming you and you're feeling alone,

please hold on to this Emmanuel has come.

Even in your darkest days.  The hours where the quiet can overwhelm and circumstances that seem to push you farther into the darkness make you feel as if the light will never come again.

You are never alone.

God has sent his son, given him a name to let us know that we are never alone.

Emmanuel, God with us.

God with you.

You are not alone.

Hold on,


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