Monday, December 31, 2012

2013-weren't we supposed to have our own robots by now?

Happy New Year, Friends!

Your support, encouragement and friendship to this little ministry and to my family have meant

more than you can know.

2013 is upon us. Hard to believe really.

I promise to pray for you this year.  And when I do this is what I'll pray:

I pray that you know Jesus more.

I pray that the love of family surrounds you this next year.

I pray that you have all you need,

and when you do, that you remember to thank  to The ONE who provided it and that you

remember to share it with someone who doesn't.

I pray in times of trouble that will undoubtable come, you'll find a peace that can only come

from THE Prince of Peace.

I pray you laugh more than you cry.

I pray you give more than you take.

I pray that in the middle of you ordinary, everyday life, you see the hand of God at work- even if it's
in the aisle of the grocery store.  Be alert, be aware because He's always there ready to show himself to you-and me.

And while I'm praying all these things for you, and me too, I'll stop and say Thank You Lord for allowing them to let me into their lives and for blessing me by doing so.

Peace, Love and Joy to you in the New Year,


Hillbilly Tonya said...

I will continue to pray for you this year as always. I am sorry I've been a bit pre occupied to read, but hope to change that right now! :)

Diane said...

LOVE this and a blessed New Year to you and yours, my friend! Prayers for you always!

Angie said...

You have NO reason to apologize, I know of no one who has their hands more full than YOU!
Praying for a healthy New Year at your house!

Angie said...


Your friendship is a treasure to me!

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