Monday, December 3, 2012

Ordinary Girl

Tis the Season. . .

My living room is littered with  plastic storage bins filled with Christmas decorations.

Our main tree is up, but we still have several to go. . .it always takes me longer than I'd planned.
You'd think I'd plan for that.

Between sick kids and a school trip for our oldest, and extended family situations it's just not done yet.

I've decided I'm OK with that though.

Because, as it's taken me longer, I'm finding I've had more time to reflect.

Today I can't seem to get Mary off of my mind.

In my particular church denomination  Mary is not typically  celebrated.

After all she was just an ordinary girl, Jesus is who the glory should go to.

 And while that's true,
 in this ordinary girl I find a heroine to give hope to the ordinary girls just like me.

I have felt very overwhelmed lately and today was no different.

As I look at all that needs to be done, obligations to be met, bills to be paid, cookies made, gifts bought

and wrapped.

Help that must be given.

 Laundry piled on the floor.

Calendars full.. .

Overwhelmed and inadequate are the emotions I tend to struggle with the most.

It's even in my tag line. . .'an ordinary mom'.

Sometimes, I struggle with how God could use my ordinariness.

Not even how so much, as would He even want to?

After all, there are so many gifted people He has to choose from out there.

But, as I've been reflecting on Mary today, the thought that is being whispered down deep in my soul

was how ordinary Mary was. . .the mother of Jesus.  . . the one who was chosen to carry the son of God . . .

Just an ordinary girl.

Nothing special on the outside. No great talents we're told of, no superior intellect, not rich or famous.

Just a girl living out her normal everyday life.

Until an angel's announcement changed everything for her.

Everything and nothing.

Because to almost everyone around her, she was still just an ordinary girl.

But, God knew her heart. Knew how she loved him and was willing to serve Him.

And he used her ordinariness to change the world.

Perhaps you're ordinariness is overwhelming you right now.

The diapers, the dishes, the toys, the laundry, the paperwork, the bills, the boss that's unkind.

You feel so ordinary and useless for any 'great' kingdom agenda.

I'm no angel, but I want to give you some Good News that is for you and all people.

God seems to take great delight in those who use their ordinariness for him.

Serve your king in all you do.

Sing your song of praise to Him in the middle of your most mundane tasks.

He's sees. He knows.

He just might use your ordinariness to change the world.

Blessings in the midst of boxes and laundry,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Angie, that is just what I needed to hear today.


Angie said...

I'm so glad I could encourage you!

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