Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When you just want to play. . .

With fall sports, come the dreaded physical that allows you to play.

We couldn't get in with our regular doctor so I was preparing my boy that we were seeing the Nurse Practitioner, who is indeed a woman.

There were sighs of unbelief, but he knew if wanted to play this is what had to happen.

Uncomfortable was certainly the word for the day.

(please forgive for words I'm about to type)

After he'd put on the dreaded open backed gown, been weighed and measured,  poked and prodded she looked him right in the eyes and said "So, do you poop everyday?".

My boy looked as if he'd like the floor to swallow him whole.
He looked over at me, back at her and replied; "I just want to play soccer."

To which I tried to suppress a smile but she said, " I know Buddy, but you've got to tell me."

So, he finally answered "Yes", we moved on and endured the rest of the appointment.

But, as I've been thinking on that event last week, it's got to me thinking about how often we (I) just want the fun stuff, the what we want to do stuff of life, without going through the hard stuff.

Make no mistake that appointment was hard for a 13 year old boy.

How often do we want the great marriage, but are unwilling to put the time and effort into having one.

Or a friendship, yet we become unwilling to risk anything to have one.

Even spiritually we want all the blessings without getting on our knees, opening our Bibles or being salt and light to those around us.

We never want to be uncomfortable. . in the words of the 13 year old, we just want to play.

So, as I ask you, I ask myself; What has called us to that is uncomfortable but if we take a deep breath, head through it the pay off will be more than worth it in the end?

Keep walking in the light,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raising a "B" team kid in an "A" team world

With school back in session, at our house that also means it's soccer time.

Now that  our oldest is in Middle School the time for try outs was upon last week.

My boy made the "B" team, and was glad  he did.  He's excited to get to play with his friends, for his school.

But, in our culture  it seems that "B" team is no longer acceptable.

If you're not the best then what you're doing doesn't matter.

You would think, from Facebook status updates, twitter feeds, to bragging at family reunions, if your kid doesn't only make the "A" team, but score the most points, run the fastest, be "THE BEST" (whatever the best may be) then somehow they, and by proxy you, should feel badly or at least that you're not doing enough, not pushing hard enough.

As parents, we're proud of our boy. Not because of what team he makes, but because he tries.
Most people have no idea what he's been through in his brief 13 years.
But,  even if he hadn't been through as much, not everybody makes the "A" team every time.

I also began thinking about the saints that have gone before us.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it surely seems that in God's economy He's all about using
"B" team people to carry out his plans.

I read about Moses and his speech impediment.

Gideon was a coward.

Ruth was widow.

Esther was an orphan.

David, who we like to think of as KING DAVID, was the runt of the pack of brothers, who's own father didn't even consider him when Samuel showed up looking for the new king.

Peter, the burly fisherman with a temper.

John, just a boy, but Jesus called him to his inner circle.

Jesus, who could have came with all the glory man could bestow upon someone -instead was born to a young girl and a carpenter.

It seems God has a tender spot for those who make up the  "B" teams of this world.

And only he knows what they can truly be when used by Him.

Don't write off those "B" team kids-they may just change the world.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning to Fly

The first day of school has come and gone this week.

And like millions of mommies everywhere who sent their last babies off to school, I wonder what now.

But, as I'm wondering I'm also packing lunches, signing up for soccer, field trips and dentist appointments.

So, while they might not be flying solo yet, they are perched on the edge testing their wings.

This right here. . .took my breath away.

because it seems like I was just taking this big boy to Kindergarten.
And now he's taller than me, talking about where he should go to college and cute girls.

 It was a little easier the second day. . . .

I'm just thankful I get a front row seat as I get ready to watch them soar.

Hug your babies today and tell them you love them,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This has been the summer of Drought here in Kansas.

And heat.

Hottest July on record.

In the middle of all heat and the drought-the BROWN of it all, it can just wear a person down.

I know spiritually as I've gone through seasons of drought, when it feels like everything around me is just withering away, and day to day life is just so hard and the refreshing rain will never come again, I can become so focused on the drought and the brown of my life that I forget to pray for rain.

Or even what the rain feels like anymore.

Because all I'm focused on is the heat.

Maybe you feel that way in your life today.

All you can see is the trouble.

All you can feel is the heat.

All you see is the burnt up grass and dying leaves of everything you once found beautiful in your life.

Instead of looking at all that, would you-would I, close our eyes and remember it isn't always like this.

The rain comes.

The refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit comes.

And when that rain comes let's dance in it, shall we?

If you're in a drought season of your life right now-remember it won't last forever!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time

I celebrated a birthday on Thursday.
Not the big one.

Nope, that one was last year.

Try as I might, there is no stopping the clock and not only am I 40 -nope I'm officially IN my 40's.

And as much as I like to escape it the passage of time showing up all round my eyes and mouth with those pesky little lines.

As, I was putting on my make up to go out and celebrate Friday night, I thought about how many of those lines got there.

Lots of laughing.

Laughing with friends, with the kids, with The Hubs.

I love to laugh, to be silly.  And it shows all around my eyes and mouth and no amount of 'age defying makeup' is going to cover that up.

There are some there too from days spent in the sun.
Sitting by the pool.
Cheering on the soccer team.
Picnics in the park.
Days spent at our favorite amusement park.

Of course there are some there from staying up through the night with babies or sick kiddos.

Crying tears when life is just to tough.

But they all tell a story.

My story.

So since I can't erase them, I'll try and look at them and remember.

Remember that even in the lines, I see grace.

Blessings and go make some wrinkles with the ones you love,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fame Game

I've noticed this really strange trend over the last few years, that seems to be growing instead of winding down.

It seems that  most shows geared toward kids have something to do with becoming famous.
And they are targeting younger and younger audiences.

Which while not overtly wrong it does help grow this seed of discontentment.

As if an ordinary life is somehow less than enough.

If you're not famous then you don't matter.

What a strange message we are sending our kids.

But, maybe it's not just our kids we should be worried about.

Perhaps we're becoming warped in our thinking as well.

We start puffing up Facebook statuses with tales of kids who never fail, always make the honor roll. . .
We begin comparing our whole lives to brief status updates from people we haven't seen in twenty years.

And that begins to create feelings in us that our lives are not enough.
That we are not enough.

God's Word tells that we are all unique and all special because we were created in His image.
That we are known by the One who knows all. And not only are we known, we are loved.

 Perhaps you feel like the world is overlooking you.
That you're unseen.

If your life is falling apart around you, or  you've dealt with the stubborn 2 year old for longer than you can remember, or the teenager that won't listen, the husband that doesn't see you anymore. . .

Please remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Not because of some warped idea of fame we have, or some misguided sense of perfection, but because you are created by the one who created ALL and He says that you are amazing.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick Fil A and Me

In case you've been living under a rock, let me catch you up.

Yesterday was "Chick Fil A Appreciation Day" across the country.

Dan Cathy the CEO of the restaurant chain said he supported, "traditional marriage " and the media and GLBT community went crazy.

So, a show a support was called for, and while I can't speak for others who ate there yesterday, I can tell why my  family chose to participate - and why we didn't.

First, it wasn't because we hate gay people.  Actually, both The Hubs and myself have gay friends who we love. While we don't agree, we also don't hate. And btw,  GOD DOES NOT HATE THEM EITHER.

Also, it wasn't because we think somehow our sin is different or not as bad. Nope not it either.

Not because we think 'we're better'- somehow the Church and World look very similar in the divorce statistics and there is no way to justify that.

There were several reasons why though.

First as American Citizens we have been granted the right to not only have opinion, but to express it as well.
Mr. Cathy was attacked for expressing an opinion.
It seems 'tolerance' as defended by some, is only applied when you agree with their agenda.

Secondly,  we do believe in Traditional Marriage.  As messed up as our society has become, the answer isn't to move farther away from God's word but to move closer to it. And God's Word is abundantly clear on the issue.

Thirdly,  we went to support our brother in Christ.  He was belittled, condemned and threatened for nothing more than following Christ.
I would hope if I was in that situation that my fellow Christ Followers would stand by my side as well.
It just seemed like that is what 'family' would do.

Now, please don't misunderstand, we aren't really a 'boycott' kinda family. In fact, I'm not sure we've ever participated in one. . .they always seem to trivialize Christians and in turn how others view Christ.

But, this was different. This was a show of support.

Maybe you disagree, and that's OK too.

After all this is America and you get too.

But, when you look at what this family choose to support, please know it was never because of hate.

Keep walking in the light,