Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick Fil A and Me

In case you've been living under a rock, let me catch you up.

Yesterday was "Chick Fil A Appreciation Day" across the country.

Dan Cathy the CEO of the restaurant chain said he supported, "traditional marriage " and the media and GLBT community went crazy.

So, a show a support was called for, and while I can't speak for others who ate there yesterday, I can tell why my  family chose to participate - and why we didn't.

First, it wasn't because we hate gay people.  Actually, both The Hubs and myself have gay friends who we love. While we don't agree, we also don't hate. And btw,  GOD DOES NOT HATE THEM EITHER.

Also, it wasn't because we think somehow our sin is different or not as bad. Nope not it either.

Not because we think 'we're better'- somehow the Church and World look very similar in the divorce statistics and there is no way to justify that.

There were several reasons why though.

First as American Citizens we have been granted the right to not only have opinion, but to express it as well.
Mr. Cathy was attacked for expressing an opinion.
It seems 'tolerance' as defended by some, is only applied when you agree with their agenda.

Secondly,  we do believe in Traditional Marriage.  As messed up as our society has become, the answer isn't to move farther away from God's word but to move closer to it. And God's Word is abundantly clear on the issue.

Thirdly,  we went to support our brother in Christ.  He was belittled, condemned and threatened for nothing more than following Christ.
I would hope if I was in that situation that my fellow Christ Followers would stand by my side as well.
It just seemed like that is what 'family' would do.

Now, please don't misunderstand, we aren't really a 'boycott' kinda family. In fact, I'm not sure we've ever participated in one. . .they always seem to trivialize Christians and in turn how others view Christ.

But, this was different. This was a show of support.

Maybe you disagree, and that's OK too.

After all this is America and you get too.

But, when you look at what this family choose to support, please know it was never because of hate.

Keep walking in the light,


Debbie-Sue said...

Nicely written. Very well articulated!

Angie said...


Gena said...

It's interesting that when Dan Kathy says what he thinks, he's 'expressing an opinion'...but when those who disagree with him share their opinion, they're 'attacking'. This is biased and slanted to make your point.

As a strong Christian woman who believe that one man-one woman is God's design, I'm ashamed of your blog post and am disappointed in the approach. This is definitely not what Jesus would do and instead of drawing people TO Christianity, this type of response is what drives people farther from interest in the Lord.

Andrea Hester said...

Very well stated, Angie. The difference in the two views is that Mr Cathy stated what he supported, traditional marriage. And now he's being painted a hateful, discriminating bigot which sounds like an "attack" to me. Not sure how this would drive people further from the Lord. This is an excellent example of loving others where they are and I'm not sure how you could draw people any better to Christianity, while still standing on His Word that is.

Jo H. said...

Thank you for this, Angie. I can't understand that someone would be ashamed of your post and disappointed. Jesus said “Don’t be bluffed into silence by the threats of bullies. There’s nothing they can do to your soul, your core being. Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life—body and soul—in his hands. Matthew 10:28 (MSG) Andrea said what I feel also.

Angie said...

Andrea and Jo, I appreciate your kind words!

Gena, I'm sorry if my words hurt you. I promise my intent is to only speak the truth in love.
God's Word is very clear. I can never stray from that. It is truth.
Blessings to you and your family.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Today is the day that I would go show my support if I could. They are going to need it today. Just don't care to take my toddler...not today with that going on.

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous and should be ashamed of yourself.

Why do you think God cares about what chicken you eat?

Marcia Bloom said...

Love your post and thought it was from the heart and all about you and your family. Folks getting upset about your freedom to speak need to understand that someday that freedom could be taken away from all of us. Mr. Cathy was expressing his belief in the atmosphere of our constitutional right to freedom of speech. Obviously, this touched a spiritual sore spot for some. The Bible and the Cross are an offense to many.

Carl Kincaid said...

Good blog. This Chick-fil-A thing has really highlighted the complexity of Christians who want to maintain Biblical values and the LGBT community who feels like they are not being allowed the same rights as others. . . there is SO much that has to be discussed before these two points-of-view so that each side can fully present it's case that I have found it virtually impossible to have the discussion. You did a great job of pointing out some of both of those positions here, Ang.

I was supportive of the "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" event for the reasons you stated. Dan Cathy is a Godly man who tries to run his business in a God-glorifying way to the best of his ability. He was asked a question by a Christian publication and he answered it in a way that should have come as no surprise to anyone - gay or straight, Christian or pagan. And he has every right to both practice his faith and verbalize it. The scariest part of the whole thing were the Mayors of Chicago and Boston suggesting that they would keep him from doing business in their cities simply because he espoused Biblical Christian values. They are much more responsible for the event and it's success than and LGBT media complains. It was a classic American show of support for an individual and his right to express these.

That said, I did not participate. I, too, have many LGBT friends and - even though it was not the intent of the event or most of those who participated - they went to bed Wednesday night feeling only more marginalized by evangelicals - because of who Huckabee is and who participated in the event. I don't think that's necessarily *rational*, but I know that's how they feel. And it breaks my heart. My prayer is that anyone who participated in the event Wednesday will be just as diligent to reach out and show the love of Christ to LGBT people, not condoning their choice to act on their sexual orientation, which we view as sin, but in a way that acknowledges our shared status as a sinner and that, by the Grace and kindness of God, can share in fellowship with him by the same repentance, acceptance, and faith that we as believers had.

I think you contributed positively to the discussion with this blog, Ang. And thank you for it.

Angie said...

Marcia and Carl,
Thanks and good words from both of you.

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