Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This has been the summer of Drought here in Kansas.

And heat.

Hottest July on record.

In the middle of all heat and the drought-the BROWN of it all, it can just wear a person down.

I know spiritually as I've gone through seasons of drought, when it feels like everything around me is just withering away, and day to day life is just so hard and the refreshing rain will never come again, I can become so focused on the drought and the brown of my life that I forget to pray for rain.

Or even what the rain feels like anymore.

Because all I'm focused on is the heat.

Maybe you feel that way in your life today.

All you can see is the trouble.

All you can feel is the heat.

All you see is the burnt up grass and dying leaves of everything you once found beautiful in your life.

Instead of looking at all that, would you-would I, close our eyes and remember it isn't always like this.

The rain comes.

The refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit comes.

And when that rain comes let's dance in it, shall we?

If you're in a drought season of your life right now-remember it won't last forever!



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