Monday, August 6, 2012

Fame Game

I've noticed this really strange trend over the last few years, that seems to be growing instead of winding down.

It seems that  most shows geared toward kids have something to do with becoming famous.
And they are targeting younger and younger audiences.

Which while not overtly wrong it does help grow this seed of discontentment.

As if an ordinary life is somehow less than enough.

If you're not famous then you don't matter.

What a strange message we are sending our kids.

But, maybe it's not just our kids we should be worried about.

Perhaps we're becoming warped in our thinking as well.

We start puffing up Facebook statuses with tales of kids who never fail, always make the honor roll. . .
We begin comparing our whole lives to brief status updates from people we haven't seen in twenty years.

And that begins to create feelings in us that our lives are not enough.
That we are not enough.

God's Word tells that we are all unique and all special because we were created in His image.
That we are known by the One who knows all. And not only are we known, we are loved.

 Perhaps you feel like the world is overlooking you.
That you're unseen.

If your life is falling apart around you, or  you've dealt with the stubborn 2 year old for longer than you can remember, or the teenager that won't listen, the husband that doesn't see you anymore. . .

Please remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Not because of some warped idea of fame we have, or some misguided sense of perfection, but because you are created by the one who created ALL and He says that you are amazing.



Not Very Famous Diane said...

Preach on sister! And I miss you!

Paige said...

Sadly, it is not just the TV shows. It seems to me like our entire culture has gone "kid crazy" to the point that the parents practically worship the children. My step-granddaughter just turned 6. She has been in 2 dance recitals. Both times she wore make-up (and not just lip gloss), her parents purchased 4 different performance outfits (each time) and bought bouquets of flowers to present to her after the performances. What I want to know is this: if everyone in their lives makes such a big deal over every little event, what do they have to look forward to? I mean you'd think those two recitals had been her wedding day with the invitations, outfits, make-up, flowers, after-party, etc. She was 5 and 6 years old!!
The other thing I've noticed is that everything is Princess this and Princess that. I'm sure she'll be sorely disappointed when she grows up and realizes she is not and never will be a princess. When did it become not OK to just be a little girl??
OK; I'm done now. Will someone please help me down off of this soapbox?
Thanks, Paige.

Angie said...

Diane -Miss you too!

@Paige-you just made me laugh-I'm going to have to show you Shelia Walsh's book series, Gigi "God's Little Princess". About how every little girl is a princess because her she is God's child. We have two, they're actually pretty cute.

This summer on our vacation we were at show where they called one girl and one boy up on stage. He was looking for the girl 'with the biggest smile'. My Belle didn't get picked (and we went twice). It was a great teaching moment that not EVERYONE gets picked.
Although, she did ask me "Momma if you had a show would you pick me?" I told her, "Yes, Momma would always pick you!"

(Didn't mean to write a whole other blog post in the comments! EEK!)

Paige said...


Paige said...

*climbing back up onto different soapbox*
Sometimes, not always, but sometimes I get the distinct impression that I am NOT enough or that other Christian women think I'm not enough because I never had children of my own.
Thank you for listening and I'm really not trying to create my own blog here.
*getting back down now*

Angie said...

OH Paige if we were together right now, I would totally hug you!

After enduring years of infertility treatments while teaching preschool and getting 'the look', I know exactly what you're talking about.

I just try and use it for a reminder not to do it others.
Life's one big learning lesson!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Well, I enjoyed the comments as much as the post on this one. I just learned of a show via someone elses fb post about some little named honey boo boo or something like that. I did a quick google and was sickened.

Teaching little girls to be perfect and famous is not a new concept--Barbie has done that for years.

It is too hard to focus on all the bad out there. I think we just have to keep plugging in the good.

Oh, and I was in dance recitals like 35 years ago myself...I can remember makeup being applied for stage purposes. But I don't think I ever got after show flowers.

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