Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time

I celebrated a birthday on Thursday.
Not the big one.

Nope, that one was last year.

Try as I might, there is no stopping the clock and not only am I 40 -nope I'm officially IN my 40's.

And as much as I like to escape it the passage of time showing up all round my eyes and mouth with those pesky little lines.

As, I was putting on my make up to go out and celebrate Friday night, I thought about how many of those lines got there.

Lots of laughing.

Laughing with friends, with the kids, with The Hubs.

I love to laugh, to be silly.  And it shows all around my eyes and mouth and no amount of 'age defying makeup' is going to cover that up.

There are some there too from days spent in the sun.
Sitting by the pool.
Cheering on the soccer team.
Picnics in the park.
Days spent at our favorite amusement park.

Of course there are some there from staying up through the night with babies or sick kiddos.

Crying tears when life is just to tough.

But they all tell a story.

My story.

So since I can't erase them, I'll try and look at them and remember.

Remember that even in the lines, I see grace.

Blessings and go make some wrinkles with the ones you love,


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