Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When you just want to play. . .

With fall sports, come the dreaded physical that allows you to play.

We couldn't get in with our regular doctor so I was preparing my boy that we were seeing the Nurse Practitioner, who is indeed a woman.

There were sighs of unbelief, but he knew if wanted to play this is what had to happen.

Uncomfortable was certainly the word for the day.

(please forgive for words I'm about to type)

After he'd put on the dreaded open backed gown, been weighed and measured,  poked and prodded she looked him right in the eyes and said "So, do you poop everyday?".

My boy looked as if he'd like the floor to swallow him whole.
He looked over at me, back at her and replied; "I just want to play soccer."

To which I tried to suppress a smile but she said, " I know Buddy, but you've got to tell me."

So, he finally answered "Yes", we moved on and endured the rest of the appointment.

But, as I've been thinking on that event last week, it's got to me thinking about how often we (I) just want the fun stuff, the what we want to do stuff of life, without going through the hard stuff.

Make no mistake that appointment was hard for a 13 year old boy.

How often do we want the great marriage, but are unwilling to put the time and effort into having one.

Or a friendship, yet we become unwilling to risk anything to have one.

Even spiritually we want all the blessings without getting on our knees, opening our Bibles or being salt and light to those around us.

We never want to be uncomfortable. . in the words of the 13 year old, we just want to play.

So, as I ask you, I ask myself; What has called us to that is uncomfortable but if we take a deep breath, head through it the pay off will be more than worth it in the end?

Keep walking in the light,


Miss Hillbilly said...

I am so sorry to post this but all I could think about was how life changes as you age. My husband's comment would be "All I want is to be able to poop today."

Ok, maybe should not have said that but it was what was in my head...

Back to the real moral of the story...ya, I think I am often too comfortable.

Angie said...

HA! That made me laugh!

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