Monday, September 19, 2016

Time Hop and Choosing to Remember

Every morning when I'm checking out my social media sites, I also check my Time Hop app.

I sometimes tease that Time Hop is being mean when it shows me a picture of one of my little 

Monkey's from when they were little.

But, today it reminded me of two significant event in our oldest son's life.

One of from four years ago, when our extremely asthmatic son contracted Whooping Cough.

He earned himself a 911 call and an extended hospital stay.

I believe there are few things as scary in this world as watching your child gasp for air and turning

blue and fainting because they can't get any into their lungs.

Then two years ago Cam had to have surgery on both his eyes to correct some double vision and other issues he was having.

Yes, that's as painful as it sounds.

This is our same son who had heart surgery in Kindergarten. . .who'd basically been dealing with 

some type of sickness or another since he was 2 months old.

But, you know what? This is also our same son who is shy but has a wicked sense of humor, who is

kind and adventurous, who has an amazing head of hair, who loves his grandparents deeply, who is

smart and well read and deep thinker and who loves Jesus and has a deeper sense of theology then I 

ever did at his age.

The things he has been through and his unique personality have given him trials to go through, but 

they have also given him (and us) a front row seat to God's amazing grace and power.

How incredible is that?  I wouldn't trade that for him for all the high school football stars in the 


heading out to his first day at his summer job

deep in thought 

after finishing his first 5K Color Run at his high school 

In Joshua 4  it tells the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and God's command to take up

a stone, so they could use it to remember. Remember what God had brought them through and then 

tell all He had done to their children and their children's children.

Today, we will sit as a family and remember and give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for all He

has walked our sweet boy through.

What about you? What do you need to remember today about what the Lord has brought you through 

and thank Him for?

Maybe you're still in the middle of your Jordan River and you're not sure you'll get to the other side 

safely.  I've been there too.  Just keep walking the path in front of you. . .He's already gone before you 

and made the way. Hold on to that promise, and praise Him right in the middle of where you are.