Monday, April 18, 2016

26 Days

Oh My Stars, I just saw when I last blogged.

That is so sad and a sign of a busy life.

As you can imagine, some things have happened along the way between February 15 and April 18th.

We had a lovely anniversary weekend.

Our Sweet Girl broke her foot during PE.

I've had a couple of speaking opportunities.

Our middle just turned 13 (Another teenager in the house. . .somebody hold me)

Our oldest is on the job hunt.

My Uncle passed away.

And a dream of my Dear Hubby came true when he bought a Harley.

Sister had her piano recital.

Life has happened.

That's a  lot of life in a short two months for one little family.

And I bet, if you and I were sitting down to chat you could give me a list just as long as mine.

Some good, some not so good and some just stinkin hard.


With all this life going on around us and after months of praying, we realized a change in the coming school year was needed for our family.

After 12 years we would not be enrolling in the Christian school my children have attended since preschool and I would not be returning to the job I've had there for the past 5 years.

There are several reasons why it seemed God was leading us in this direction and none of them easy.

It has been a difficult year for our middle child and we have seen him hurt and struggling.

My husband wanted to move him in October then again at Christmas break, but I kept hesitating

thinking it would be best or at least 'fine' to finish out the school year. After all, transitioning

to a new school is challenging and during the school year even more so. That is what I was

saying to justify my hesitation. Which really was just fear, wrapped in a disguise.

Last Wednesday our middle came frantically looking for me after school to tell about a bullying

situation he had just found himself in. He was upset and disheveled.

As we talked through things and notified the school, my husband said let's pull him now.

My reply was "It's only 26 more days".

The next day things got worse and spiraled to a place I had never dreamed.

By Friday morning our two youngest children were enrolled in their new school.

Frankly, we spent much of the weekend walking around wounded and in shock.

But, as the shock began to wear off  and I kept thinking about "It's only 26 more days", it was

as if I could hear the Lord whispering into my heart, "but it was 26 days to long. I asked you to obey

a long time ago."  And He had.  Chance after chance I had to listen to my husbands wise counsel and

that of other trusted friends who knew what we'd been dealing with, but I let fear of the unknown stop


Sometimes 26 days is just to long and God says "IT IS TIME TO GO RIGHT NOW!".

Surely, I can't be the only holding on to something God is telling them to let go of, or to move

on from.  Not necessarily even bad things, but it's just not His plan for you right now.

Fear is such a liar.  It holds us back... It holds me back.  Just when I think I've got it beat, it

rears its ugly, stupid, lying head once again.  Oh I was ready to obey, to follow. . .when it

was convient for me. . .when I thought the timing was right. . .which isn't obedience at all, just

fear wrapped up in control.

Some wounds have been inflicted on us by others, either their actions or their gossiping tongues . . .

but some wounds we let be inflicted by staying to long in a place after God said move.

The littles had a great first day.  I  know they all won't be great, but today was and I am so thankful

for that!

When God says move.  It's best to move.

26 days.

I can't wait to see what God does with 26 days.

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Tonya Owens said...

I have no idea what happened to your sweet family, but I do know this: I've lived, worked, breathed the all Christian community lifestyle. As has my husband. Between us we've been pastor , youth pastor, children's director, worship leader, Sunday school teacher and the list goes on. We've done the homeschool / Christian school thing.
But that was then and this is now.
Now We don't go to church anymore.
We do public school and have public jobs.
We still love Jesus and try to be the best witness we can be.
When God says , go to church, then we will. ( we have one we are going to try soon ). But if we are just to be in the world, that's fine too. Because I love it here.
Because He put me here.

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