Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Driving In The Dark

My family and I live in the heart of suburbia.

A very well lit community. Which is usually a good thing-until you'd like to view stars or in our case, see the Perseids meteor shower, then that requires a drive out to the country.

Which is exactly what we did. We drove. And then we drove some more, because the first spot we chose still wasn't dark enough.
And then we drove some more because the road we were on was still a bit busy and distracting.

We finally found the perfect dark, isolated spot. ( not what I'm usually looking for when it comes to parking)

All that driving in the dark on roads we were unfamiliar with. . .well frankly can (and did) leave  me feeling sick and slightly anxious.

After a few minutes of stillness though, my stomach settled and my mind quieted and I began to look.

It took some time though for my eyes to adjust, even though my husband had driven us to the perfect viewing spot. My eyes, not acquainted with the darkness took some to see what was beautifully laid out before me in the dark summer sky.
When they did finally adjust though. . .WOW what amazing beauty; the stars, the meteors streaking through the sky. All the time, effort and even discomfort was worth it all.

God put on a spectacular show.

I've been thinking about that evening for the past couple of weeks. I've been thinking about how it compares to our journey this past couple of years as a family and for me personally this past year.

In so many ways it feels like we've been driving and driving in the dark. In the dark on roads we are unfamiliar with. . .that frankly with all the ups and downs makes me sick to my stomach sometimes.
Sometimes, I feel like either we are already there, or for sure should be-because surely we've been driving long enough! Or feeling like this spot must be good enough, surely I can see what He is trying to teach me from here.
And yet, further on we go. Further on into the darkness.

I would be dishonest if I said I see the beauty all time.
I don't. Anxiety-something I never struggled with before, now comes to greet me in the dark.

BUT. But, there are times, I KNOW for sure and for certain that I see the beauty/faithfulness/grace of God in these dark places that I wouldn't if I was still sitting in the 'suburbia' of my heart.

So, I'm trusting the driver. I've got to, because I for sure have no idea where we are going.
But, He does.
I'm trusting Him.
Even while driving in the dark.


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Thank you for reading!

Unknown said...

Truly beautiful! I appreciate the reminder of who has the steering wheel in my journey... even when the road seems dark and bumpy. Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

Thanks, Angie! In the midst of a dark drive right now and wondering where I'm going to end up. Trying to trust and remind myself that He is enough to cover the fear and anxiety and insufficiency that I feel and will absolutely be there along all parts of the journey.

Angie said...

Thanks so much for reading

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