Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Things!

So, it's cold here (again) and it snowed (AGAIN) and let's just say my attitude about both those things isn't/wasn't the best.
So, to get me out of the weather funk, I thought I'd post some things that make me happy. In no order and not necessarily spiritual. . .

1)Really good music that stirs me

2)The color pink

3) Sunshine coming through a window and warming you up

4) How excited my kids get over the least little thing

5)Talking to a friend who knows all your skeletons and loves you anyway

6)A great pair of shoes


8)a good book that feels like a friend

9)old black and white movies

10)When my daughter hears the first measure of music to an old Amy Grant song and knows which one it is (impressive on a couple of levels for a 3 year old)

11) Beth Moore Bible studies

12) Hearing the kids scream DDDDDAAAAAAAADDDDYYYY, when the hubs gets home from work.

13) Looking at old pictures

14)a great handbag

15)Targets 75% off rack

16) Not to be out done, the Macy's One Day Sale

17) The ladies in my Bible study group

18)Gerber Daisy's

19)A great hair day

20)A diet coke on ice

21) A Quick Trip fountain Diet Coke mixed with a little cherry flavoring

22) Yummy Mexican food


24)Laughing with the Hubs over things no one else on the planet would find funny

25) Hallmark Cards

26) planning a party

27) Great earrings

28)Diving into the deep end of the pool on a really hot, hot day

29) When the leaves are in their full color in fall

30) A big hug from one of the kiddos

31) A puppy sitting on my feet

32) Feeling like wherever the Hubs is, is home

What makes you happy?


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