Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Middle School Mamma

Last night the Christian school our kiddos attended had it's quarterly 'Society' meeting. ( I realize the word Society sounds like we belong to some secret cult, but really it's not the case. We are basically a parent run/operated school, instead of a church run Christian school. OK Now that we've gotten that out of the way. . )
And the BIG NEWS is that, for next year the incoming 6th graders will be apart of the Middle school. So, C will be a middle school er next year.
To say that I AM NOT PREPARED for this, would perhaps be, the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!
Middle school has so many negative connotations for me. Might be from the baggage I carry from an AWFUL 7th grade and only slightly better 8th grade experience. I don't know, you think?
So, hearing this news last night, sent me into a tail spin for about an hour or so.
I mean, we are talking about my firstborn here, or as we like to refer to him, 'Our practice child'. This is a road unpaved for us. This road involves some levels of maturity yet to be obtained in our household -if you know what I mean.
Not that we didn't know this was coming. We just thought we had another year to prepare for the BIG MOVE from elementary to middle school.
But, as my sense of overwhelming panic subsided ( no, I'm not OVER DRAMATIC at all!!) this thought kept running through my head and the still small voice, that I am often so guilty of drowning out with my big loud worries, was saying:" Don't you know, I've already prepared the way for C? Believe me when I say, I love him more than you can imagine. Do you not know by now that I have only the best laid out for him. And haven't I brought you through so much more than this? Do you believe what I've told you or not? Give your worries to me, after all, I am actually the One who can do something about them."
Stopped me in my tracks. I gave C, back to Jesus along time ago. He's 11, but it took us 6 years to be blessed to be called his parents. Six years of me telling Jesus, like Hannah of the Old Testament. "Give me son and I will give him back to you." So, you see, C was given back long ago. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't try and snatch him back often!! Like last night when I was struck with the dreaded words 'Middle School'.

So, as I am learning over and over, the giving all of our kiddos back to Jesus is a daily process (sometimes hourly). I am also reminded once again that our Heavenly Father knows EXACTLY what it is like to give a son away.
Who better could love and care for my children?


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