Thursday, February 18, 2010

He's just a lousy, you know what. . . .

I have tried desperately to keep this blog from having anything to do with politics. Which if you know me at all, you KNOW how hard that has been! I've got some opinions and convictions which I hold very dearly.
But, this is a place where I've tried to put Jesus and things He's shows me everyday above the fray of politics. But this one has pushed me over the edge- and you might just be surprised at why.

My inbox is often filled with political cartoons, petitions, news items, etc.
Some I laugh at, some infuriate me!

We received one of the later kind the other day.
It was a picture of the President with his feet up on the Resolute Desk.
The email proceeded to call him an ugly slur, well actually his mother an ugly slur and he was just her by product if you know what I mean.
To be precise they didn't use the 'B' word technically, just the initials.

I just don't think that's ok. Why do we think we must make our point with this kind of over the line talk? Please, keep in mind that I received this from good, Bible believing, heart in the right place people. But, when did we decided that it was ok to use the same tactics as the world?
I realize these people don't like the President and don't agree with him on anything.
I don't agree either. I'm about as conservative a person politically as they come.
But, can we not make our point without the use of expletives and demeaning words?

This really isn't a political post. It's more the rambling thoughts of a mom who is so tired of, at every turn having to guard her eyes and mind against assaults. It is one thing if the assaults are coming from the world, it's another when they are coming from inside the church.

Our greatest calling is to be salt and light. How can we do those things when we have become so calloused to the sin around us that we act exactly like the things we are to be lighting and flavoring?

I am sure I am the greatest offender in this area! My heart is dark with sin and I certainly don't want to be judgemental.
God help this be a reminder to me, to check everything through the lens of 'Does this please you?'
And, even when I have a point to make that my greatest thought would be 'Can others see Jesus in me through this?'

An email seems so trivial doesn't it, yet from the trivial the giants grow.

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Eddie Buford said...

Thank you for this post. You are exactly right. All of us are guilty at one time or another. It's always good to be reminded.

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