Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Christmas decorations are down and put away for the next 11 months. Carols are a memory and our gifts have been tucked away. One thing that hasn't left us here in the middle of Kansas is SNOW. Lots and Lots of snow. And cold, OH MY! with the freezing cold!
So, we've been spending lots of time snuggled up together in our little house enjoying each other and finding ways to entertain ourselves.
Jude and Isabelle have been doing lots of drawing and coloring. So, much so that I might in fact be a tad concerned about deforestation. That was a LOT of paper for a few days!!
J's favorite thing to do is to draw pictures then write a story about them.
I's favorite thing, however, is to trace her hand print. LOVES, I mean LOVES this.
Makes her laugh and squeal with delight every time.
So, as we were tracing her hand for, oh I don't know, the thousandth time, I began looking at those little chunky fingers and the look of concentration on that beautiful face. Then she said, 'It's your turn, Momma'. So, I dutifully placed my hand on the paper as she traced around my fingers. When I lifted my hand and she stepped back to look at her handiwork, she said, 'Look Momma, we're just alike'.
Of course, I look at it and see all the ways the two hand prints are different, but in her eyes we were the same.
Which got me to thinking. Who's life am I leaving a hand print on? And, would I really want them to 'look just alike'?
Honestly, I look at my life and my crazy ways and see ALL THE WAYS I DON'T WANT MY KIDDOS TO BE LIKE ME! Expect one. When they look at me, I pray they see Jesus hand print. That everywhere they look they would see the nail pierced hand print and think, 'They are just alike'.
Some days it's probably easier for them to see than others. I know it is for me.
But, happy or sad, easy times or difficult, plenty or want, what I want them (and others) to see when they look at me is the hand print of Jesus.
Not a set of rules to live by (although important) not a list of good deeds done ( important too) but Grace. The grace and peace that only Jesus can reveal and reflect. If they can see those things, maybe we will 'look just alike'.


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