Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh the Humbling of Parenthood

The call or email from the teacher at school.
The 'can I chat with you for a moment?' from the Sunday school teacher.
Most every parent knows the dread those words can bring. I know at our house we've had our share of those little talks. Talks that make you feel like you are about an inch tall, the worst parent ever and that if your child makes it to adolescence it'll be a miracle sent from heaven!

I was thinking last week on our way to AWANA at our church, parenting can be so humiliating sometimes. J was completely wound up and I was a wee bit worried for his teachers that evening. OK, and for myself. Let's be honest, having children who can find trouble ever so easily can be, shall we be honest and say embarrassing?!

And, then I heard a voice say (not audible, but in the still of my soul-which is a miracle in itself when you are in a car with three children!), "Haven't you found your share of trouble?" "Haven't you shamed and embarrassed me over and over again?" "But, you are my child and I love you no matter what you could ever say or do, You are mine."

Once again, I was struck with the thought that the creator of the universe was also my Father. And, yes, OH YES, how I have brought Him more shame than I'd care to name. But, the miraculously, wonderful, amazing part-once I've repented and ask for forgiveness, he's never brought it back up again. Not once.
Now, make no mistake, I've often been reminded of my sin. Of the pit which I've so often jumped down into, but it was never my Heavenly Father who reminded me of those things!
No, He loves me and brings me back into the fold every time and wipes the slate clean.

So, as we finished our drive into church that night, I went over with J what I expected of him. How exactly he was to behave. But, then I said; "And you know what else? You are my little boy and I love you know matter what!"
Those big brown eyes said it all! And the tight hug and the I love you, Mom, were reminders that we all need to be reminded that nothing can separate us from the love of our parents. Earthly or Heavenly.

I am so thankful that the God who is the beginning and the end, who knows all and knew all the trouble I would be and cause Him, still loved me enough to call me His child.


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your devotions. You have a knack for seeing God in so many situations.

Angie said...

Thanks Debbie Sue! It's only because I'm so needy- I can't go a minute without Him or I'm just a mess!

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