Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to the Future

Recently, on our morning walk my friend and I were discussing what we would say if we could go back and talk to our high school self.

Oh, I know I'd have a few things to tell that big haired girl!

So since I just read Back to the Future is turning Twenty Five-WOW I'm OLD- I thought I'd hop in the DeLorean and visit my high school self. Somebody pass me some leg warmers and hairspray please.

1)You look fabulous exactly the way you are!
Quit stressing over your body and enjoy your youth -goodness knows it's going to end soon enough.

2) No crying over boys! Your true love is coming and much sooner and in a different place than you think. You don't need to waste your tears on love at your age. It's coming I promise, and when it does, it's going to be great!

3) Don't pick a college because your friends are going there and that is where everyone expects you to go. That's no way to pick the next four years of your life.

4) Jesus loves you and wants you to be free in Him. He thinks you're beautiful and loves you so much and He did not die on the cross for you to live in bondage.

5) Listen to your mother-she's pretty much right about everything.

Ok, your turn-if you could go back-what would you tell your teenage self.


Texan In Kansas said...

Timeless words... These are the same things Mel and I want our girls to know. Maybe twenty five years isn't such a big deal after all!


Eddie Buford said...

You thoughts revealed a mature individual. Thanks for your post. I don't have the time, nor you the space to tell my self what I've learned in these 52 years since my high school day. God bless you Angie:)

Angie said...

JPH, that's only what old people say to make themselves feel better. :)
You didn't say what you would tell yourself. . . waiting. ..

Bro. Eddie, I don't know about mature -unless that means getting old ;)
God Bless you too!

Tanya Moyer said...

I think I would tell myself to stop wasting my time trying to get into the "in crowd". I think I wasted so much time trying to fit in, trying to wear the right clothes, act the right way. I wish I could have been happy with the friends I had, and stopped always wishing for a little more.

Funny thing is...I see my oldest girl is now in jr. high dealing with these same issues. Ah...the circle of life!! :)

Angie said...

Oh Tanya, that was good. And really the Circle of Life is crazy to watch!

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