Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All wrapped up in a neat little bow

Usually my posts are nice little stories about what I've seen God up to in my life. In other words, I don't really blog about my day to day activities. Not that there is a thing wrong with that, just not what I'm up to here.
But, this past weekend we went on a family camping trip to the lake (as our gift to our big boy who turned 12). And I wanted to share a few highlights that were so special to me.
What a fabulous time we had.
Laughing together, talking walks to the lake side, sitting around the campfire, hitting the local amusement park -where we terrified and thrilled ourselves on roller coasters and all sorts of spinning contraptions. (Really WHY?? WHY spin yourself until you feel the ground swooning beneath you? Sure is fun though)

My goal this weekend was, in a simple nutshell, to enjoy my family.
Family time-when all five of us are present and able to participate (no homework, housework, practice, ministry stuff pulling us apart) is a rare and special treat these days. Something to be savored and cherished.

So, as I tried not squander a moment these are the places where I saw God at work around me.

In the ability of my children to make a friend wherever we go. In no less than five minutes of setting up camp my kiddos had made friends some of the other children who were camping this weekend.
Seriously, I was nervous about introducing myself to the moms, but not a one of them had a flicker of self doubt. Oh to be that confident in who I was created to be!

In the moments of laughing with the people I love the most.
Do you ever wonder if in heaven when we aren't worshiping at the feet of Jesus if we'll be laughing with the Saints who've gone before us? Because don't you know Peter has got to have a great laugh-loud and booming!
And Sarah must still have a chuckle in her voice every time she tells the story of her miracle baby boy.
Oh I can't wait.

I also saw Him as I would look up at the night sky sprinkled with so many stars and know that He had His plan for mankind written in those same stars and when He gave Abraham his promise -He was thinking of me.
So amazing.

One thing we are working on as a family is enjoying the moment. Not worrying about what comes next. Next will take care of its self, but the moment we are living in now will never come again.

So, no wrapped up package with a bow on top this time.
This time God was showing me His Goodness over and over again in every little way that matters most to me.
He's so gracious like that - coming to us over and over again to show us His love and kindness. He could've left us to wander in darkness, or He could've just left us at the cross, after all, that was more than we deserved. But He didn't. Instead He comes to us everyday over and over again reminding us how special we are to Him and how much He loves and cares for us. All we have to do is seek Him - He will reveal Himself to us-sometimes in the smallest of places with those we love the most.

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Mark Felton said...

Love how you capture ordinary daily events and spiritually see so much more. Thanks for sharing.
-- Debbie Sue Felton

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