Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today I saw a leaf
Floating on the wind.
Eyes up to the sky, I couldn't look away
as I watched it float by.

All alone and on a wild ride the leaf seemed so out of control, even on a peaceful day.

As I watched, I wondered
How many times I've felt like the leaf.
Floating on the wind, no control of where I'm going.
Forgotten and just floating by.

A wild little dance it's doing until it sinks gently onto to the ground.

But, I stop and remember
The Maker of the Leaf knew where it would land, before it even began to float.
He blew the wind that kept it afloat and made the ground it landed upon.
And though the ride seemed wild to leaf and the ones watching it fly by
Others may have looked and thought
Why that leaf
Why make it dance alone in the wind, so seemingly out of control
But, the Maker was preparing it's soft landing spot the entire time
In a beautifully lush piece of grass
Where if that leaf had just stayed in it's comfortable pile
Never would know the comfort of a spot made just for it.


Miss Hillbilly said...

You need to write a devotional book. That was beautiful!

Angie said...

thanks Sweet Lady-praying for someday!
And, you helped inspire that!!

Mark Felton said...

Very nice! Love that analogy.
-- Debbie Sue Felton

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