Thursday, October 7, 2010


If you are at all like me the use of the word "Homework" can send shudders down your spine!
But, have no fear this homework assignment should be pretty pain free!

Please leave a comment -ANONYMOUSLY- listing 3 things about the women's ministry at your church. Two positives and one thing you'd like to see worked on.
Remember to do it anonymously, that way we can be free with what we say and no one's feeling will be hurt.

Thanks for your help!!



Anonymous said...

I enjoy our churches commitment to women's Bible study, the different groups for lots of different interests and what I would like to see worked on is a commitment level that women't ministry isn't just about 'events' but about relationships.

Jessica said...

Uh oh. My church doesn't have a women's ministry really right now. So I guess the positive would be...1)Lots of room for growth and.....2)Lots of room for growth!

I'm trying to start a weight loss group right now. It's not women specific, but women are pretty much the only ones willing to take that bait in a group setting. So it has..lots of potential.

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing Jessica!
What a great opportunity you have to see God at work!
And, NO I cannot see any men signing up for a weight loss class :)
God Bless !

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