Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When My Heart Grew Wings

Twelve years ago today, I felt my heart leave my body for the first time, when they placed a beautiful baby boy in my arms.
Cameron's arrival was eventful but so were the years leading up to his birth with all the numerous infertility treatments.
And after he came not much changed.
He's a walking talking miracle -something he is reminded of OFTEN! I'm not worthy to be called 'Mom', but so grateful for the privilege of being one x 3.
Today we celebrate the person who made me a mommy.

Happy Birthday my beautiful first born son!
Here are 12 things I love about you.

1)Your smile -it lights up your face!

2)Your sense of humor-the fact that you actually have one. You aren't all about gross noises, you are clever and have a dry whit -I love that!

3)I love that you are a varicose reader. You devour books-and good ones, not just easy reading junk.

4) I love that, while not the best on your soccer team -you love your team and wouldn't dream of quitting.

5)Your love for your grandparents. It's a gift that you want to spend time with them and help them.

6) I love that you're already thinking about your future and what God would want you to do. The fact that you talk about going to our local Bible college tells me so much about your heart.

7) I love how you have embraced middle school. All the things that could have made it difficult or scary, you've embraced it with your whole heart!

8) I love that you love going to Youth Group at church. Your excitement is contagious!

9)I love that you can you go from 5 star resort to camping in the woods.

10) I love that you love music. From some great song choices on your ipod to playing the saxophone. You are becoming a well rounded young man. That will serve you well in your life.

11) I love that you still love Lego's. I'm so thankful you haven't grown up to fast.

12) I love that you still want a hug and kiss from your mom, and that you aren't embarrassed to be seen with me.

Daddy and I often call you our experimental child. I'm so thankful for God's grace to cover all our mistakes. It's hard to be the first one, but you handle it like a pro!

It's not easy to be let go of your heart and let it become a walking talking person -but it's so worth it!

Thank you God, for a small glimpse of how much you love us by letting us become parents and feel some of the same things you feel as you look at us.


Coach Mark said...

From Debbie-Sue Felton (I am at Mark's computer) -
So nice to "hear" a parent rejoicing in their kid(s). Too often, I hear parents complaining about every aspect of their child's life. When we find those positive elements in their life and praise them for it and compliment them we are encouraging those positive character traits, which then seem to explode because they have been noticed. Yes, there are days for us all when motherhood is a challenge, but our attitude needs to be that we will "catch them doing something good" (and sometimes you have to look hard). I know that your eldest child will cherish this list for years to come, and if he falters a bit, when he re-reads this list, I imagine it will help bring him back to the path that you have so eloquently written about. Words are powerful and these words are certainly affirming! Very nice job, Angie.

Angie said...

Thanks Debbie Sue!
It's much easier to focus on what we'd like to change about someone-especially when that someone is our child (or spouse). But I know I certainly wouldn't want Cam to make a list of all the things that drive him crazy about his Mom!! :)
He's not a perfect kid and there is room to grow, but we are so thankful for how far he's come and where we can see the Holy Spirit leading him!

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