Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to the Future part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about what I would go back and say to my high school self.
That got me to thinking -what would I go back and tell my newly married self?
The Hubs and I married young and I was starry eyed. Some of the things I think I did a good job at -but I see young women doing and I want to scream STOP DOING THAT!!! But, there were others -many others, that I've got to think a lesser man would've been done with about 2 years in. Thank you Jesus for a patient man!

So back in the DeLorean I go to tell that naive bride, ready to walk down the aisle 5 things that would make her life much easier and happy.

1) Your Husband has a Holy Spirit -and it's NOT YOU!
Let the One who knows best, do His own work -you're just in the way, and quite frankly you don't have it together nearly as much as you think you do.

2)All those darling things he does that you think are interesting and quirky-I know you don't believe it right now, but really they will drive you crazy someday.
But, here's the thing -all your quirks are going to do the same to him. Let it go, and accept him the way he is.

3) Don't think he can read your mind. You're going to have to tell him what you need.
And that's ok. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it just means he doesn't read minds.

4)You married a man. They are different than you. Don't try and take all that away-after all that's not really what you want.

5) Never under any circumstances criticize your husband in front of a group of women.
Do not belittle or demean him. There is no greater harm you can do to your man than to cut him down.
Build him up, make him believe that he is amazing. That will go so much further than any criticism will-he'll want to be the man you keep believe he is.

There is much more. But those are the top 5 things I'd tell myself or any other new bride.
What about you? What would you tell your newlywed self?


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