Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to the Future part 3

Ok, You know I had to do it. . I LOVE a theme!!

Just to recap, the original was what I would go back and tell my high school self. Part 2 was what I would tell my newly/nearly married self. As I thought about the ending, it only seemed right to visit my 'brand new mom' self.
What would I go back 12 years ago and tell that woman?

So away we go!

1) Take a nap. You may never sleep peacefully again. Oh there might be times of get aways, but they'll be few and far between. Even when they get older there will be other things that you'll be concerned about besides is it time to eat or do they need a diaper change.
So, in the hospital when the nurse comes to you and ask if you'd like the baby to go the nursery so you can some rest, say YES!

2) Your self worth is not wrapped in
a) how long you did/didn't nurse
b) when your child first began sleeping through the night
c)when your child was/wasn't potty trained.
d)and when they hit 2 1/2-3 how many fits they do/don't throw in the foyer at church/walmart toy aisle/doctor's office.

3)Just because your man does something different than you would doesn't make it 'wrong.' Sister if you've got a man who is changing diapers and feeding the baby -and HAPPY to do it -LOVE that man and consider yourself blessed beyond measure and for pity's sake quite telling him he's not doing it right!

4)Baby's grow and change so quickly
a)take lots of pictures
b)not every outfit you own for them needs to brand new-they're going to spend allot of time spitting up on them or going to the bathroom on these clothes. Then you'll turn around and their little feet are already popping out of them. Garage sales, consignment stores and the clearance aisle can be your best friend.

( I'll admit here, my first baby boy was basically always in high end clothes and the thought of putting him in something from a garage sale/consignment store did not go over well with me.
I was silly and wasted lots of money! Let's just say, I got over it with baby boy #2 and the princess!)

5) This precious little one that you can't take your eyes off of and you love so dearly is -hang on, it's hard to believe-going to push you to the brink of sanity some days. It's ok to admit that sometimes you need a break! Whether it's a girls night out, reading a book, or just running to the store without having to listen to Bob and Larry sing the old hymns is a good and productive thing.
Speak up and tell your man you need some time -Oh and take a shower, do your hair and get out of your pj's. I promise it'll make you feel like a new woman and that you can accomplish anything!

6) Remember they are just yours for a little while and as much as you love them -Jesus loves them more. Tell His praises in the morning, and sing about Him at night. During the day talk about all He's done -from making the pretty blue sky to their sweet little face.
And know that you're not doing this alone. It's hard to imagine someone loving your baby more, but I promise He does and they belong to Him.

So, that's what I'd tell my new mommy self. What would you go back and tell yourself or another new mom?


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