Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We parents all face it.
The dreaded morning whirlwind.
Dirty pj's on the floor , beds getting made, brushing teeth, breakfast is ready.
Backpacks, lunch boxes-is that my 200th peanut butter and jelly made yet?

Slick back hair, kisses on the head-have a great day, honor God, hug your sister good bye.

And as crazy as the morning rush is, it ends almost as quickly as it begins.

That is where I found myself this morning. Looking at the aftermath of dishes piled in the sink and a sigh of resignation that if I don't clean that up no one else is here that will.

But, just as quickly as that disgruntled feeling came, the thought of thankfulness came too.
If I didn't live in the whirlwind that is my life, that means I wouldn't be surrounded by the people I love.
I only get to take care of them for such a short while.

So, thank you Jesus for little bodies who need me to fix their lunch and their hair.
For good morning hugs and did you sleep well questions.
For three cereal bowls in the sink.
And a peanut butter covered knife.

All reminders of my blessed life.

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Barbara said...

You are SO blessed! Enjoy, enjoy! It goes so fast!

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