Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our 7 year old has been dealing with some pretty significant dental issues.
Sadly (queue guilt trip!! I'm quite familiar with that road) we didn't realize that is what was wrong until Sunday night.
Sunday night was ROUGH. Lots of tears and can you please make it feel better Momma???

So, yesterday after a preliminary dental visit he got some heavy duty medicine so he could (hopefully) sleep pain free.

I was so frustrated yesterday. Tired. Cranky. Grumpy. A 'I want off the roller coaster' kind of day.

Then I heard this at prayer time

"Dear Jesus, please help my mouth feel better.
But, if you can't tonight, thank you for the pain, because the pain tells us something is wrong and that my body is trying to feel better."

It was hard to hold back the tears. That's an awful lot of wisdom to come out of a wild little man.

Thank you for the pain. I don't say that enough.


Texan In Kansas said...

Good words... both his and yours.
Love you all!

Eddie Buford said...

Wow!!! What a great Lesson! If all of us adults could look at pain and prayer in the same way. We learn many things through the actions of our children. Thanks Angie for sharing this story. God bless you and your "little, mature" man. Love you,

Angie said...

He keeps us on our toes for sure.
Any hint of self righteousness or hypocrisy he can spot -and WILL CALL you out on-and could care less who is listening!
He's wild man after God's heart for sure.

All three monkey's have taught me things I don't think I would've ever learned with out them.

God is so gracious in letting me be their mother!

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