Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oswald Chambers and Dirty Clothes

I found my self grumbling at the pile of laundry that has overtaken my laundry room and frankly felt a bit of resentment as I threw yet another load in this morning.
After all I've got a Bible study to prepare for and a speaking opportunity on Friday at a local church.

Don't they know I've got more important things to do??

Then I read this by Oswald Chambers: We want to be able to say, “Oh, I have had a wonderful call from God!” But to do even the most humbling tasks to the glory of God takes the Almighty God Incarnate working in us. To be utterly unnoticeable requires God’s Spirit in us making us absolutely humanly His. The true test of a saint’s life is not successfulness but faithfulness on the human level of life.

Talk about toes being stepped on and heart full of conviction.

The greatest blessing in my life will never be standing in front of a group of women.
It is a blessing, a huge one. To be called of God to teach is humbling and overwhelming at times. And I wonder EVERY DAY why He chose to look at me with all my imperfections and craziness and say 'Yep, that's the one I want to use.'

But, my greatest blessings will always be my family.
And right now my family needs clean clothes, clean bathrooms, a nurse, a teacher and a playmate and a carpool driver.
So I will do all those things with as much joy and gladness as I do getting ready to go speak or write.

So many women I meet feel so insignificant and lost in throws of motherhood. And it can be overwhelming at times, feeling like no one sees all you do. When no one thanks you for the clean underwear in their dresser drawer. But, always rest assured that God sees and He is pleased with the care you are giving your precious family.

We are told over and over again in the Bible how much God loves and cares for His children, so how special we must be to be put in charge of the littlest ones who can't care for themselves.

Today, I'll happily fold the laundry, clean the stool and drive around town to 2 different basketball practices, because that is my task that the Creator of the Universe - and the Creator of my family gave me. And as much as I do it for them, I do it all for Him even more.


Anonymous said...

I read this in my daily Oswald Chambers "MY Utmost for His Highest" book and was convicted as well. I LOVE that book. Every year I learn new things through it.

Angie said...

It's stood the test of time for certain!

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