Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Dip in the Road

This is the time of year where we reap the consequence of having big old trees in our yard.
In a word.
In another word.

And until the last one drops not just from our yard, but from the neighbors. . .it's a constant task to keep up.

So, from rakes, blowers, vacuums to the ridding lawn mower trying to grind them down we have and do try it all.

As, I took my turn on the ridding mower, which starts out fun, but ends up with you going over and Over and OVer and ovER and O V E R the same patch of grass, I began to notice a small dip in our front yard. The mower would slow down a bit and then get right back to normal. At first.
But, after I'd done that pass several times, it went from slowing down to really slowing down where I'd have to give it a little wiggle to get it moving again, until the last time. Then it just stopped.
The Hubs had to come and give me a push.

Now, I knew the little dip was there. The imperfection of non level ground, yet I kept running over and over the same spot.
It reminded me of how I often I do that to the people I love.
Run over and over that little dip in their life. A little imperfection that we both know is there, but my running over just makes worse.
At first it may just slow them down-an annoyance but not to bad.
But, if it doesn't let up-well after awhile it can just make them want to quit.

Let's face it, we all have things we need to work on, but having someone just run you over and over may get the 'leaves' out of the way, but it'll never make the 'dip in the yard' disappear.
That's up the Creator. Not. Me.

Oh,that I would learn that. I have a feeling my family might have the same prayer :)


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