Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Little girl twirling in the sun
Waiting for Momma to come home.
For there are cookies to bake
And dresses to be made
All just for fun.

Daddy pulls in and says Momma is never coming home again.
And the twirling in the sun is all done.

Everything has changed and been all rearranged
And all she wants to do is yell STOP!

But, she's got no voice
Not even when the man does his dirty deed
Even when Daddy doesn't believe.

Drifting through church but no one takes a second look
At the sad little girl who no longer twirls.

All grown up now trying to make a life and do what's right
A baby girl all her own is soon to arrive
But, the guy doesn't stay
And really it's just better that way.

Life takes another turn
And little boy soon comes along.
Same sad story as the Daddy goes away and people just can't seem to stop talking.

No one asks why they just shake their heads and sigh.
Looking down their noses and without ever saying so, wish she would just go.

But, Jesus has been there.
Holding her up when no one else was looking.
Even on the darkest nights
When there was no night light
And the world around her was crashing.
As the people turned their heads, He was there instead
Holding out His hands, saying
I will always love you.

Twirl again in the sun my little one, He calls out the invitation.
Let's start again and I'll turn your pain into beautiful things.
Don't let those others take your life away.
I can make you whole again
And give you joy unspeakable
Dry all your tears
As I hold you near
And, let you know Momma is waiting right here for you.
Hand in hand you'll dance again in the sunshine
There will be no night
Because I am your light
And the twirling never has to end.


Coach Mark said...

God never wastes a hurt and He can restore fully. So often people overlook those hurting, but God never does because He knows what they are able to become He can make it all new, fresh and exciting. What inspired this writing?

OK, Coach Mark didn't write this but rather his sweet and lovely wife, Debbie Sue, who is on his computer!

Angie said...

So true!
This was inspired by a friend who shared her story with me. I wrote this and then asked her if I could publish it and she said yes.

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