Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around the World

The past three years have brought many changes to my personal life, with my best friend of 20+ years moving with her family to Thailand. It was so heartbreaking!
Then last year my beloved friend, who is really more sister than friend, moved with her family to serve as missionary's in Ghana Africa.
To say that the transition of not having these two beloved girls in my daily has been difficult would be an understatement!
But, with all the technology available now, we have been able to keep a constant email flow between all of us and our 4th friend who is still here in The States like me.
We often sign these emails Love Hugs and Prayers Around the World.

One thing that has also made the transition a bit easier is seeing Wendy's ministry there in Africa through the amazing pictures she takes. And the stories she writes about the beloved people she serves. I feel like I already know many of them.
One of those people is a little 2 year old boy named Clement and his father Baba.

Clement is very sick and needs a life saving surgery on his heart. There is no where in Ghana for this surgery to happen.
Through a series of miracles, Wendy was able to find a doctor in Florida who would donate his time and talents and a hospital to let him perform the surgery. A family they did not know said they could stay with them and God moved MOUNTAINS for Baba and little Clement to obtain their Visa's and Passports. Seriously, if I wrote about that it would take many blog entries. Just know it was MOUNTAINS that were moved!
His surgery was scheduled for the 25th-until yesterday.
Yesterday, he had an assessment by the surgeon that included doing a heart catheter procedure so they could see exactly what they were dealing with in Clement's heart.
It did not go well.
Clement's oxygen level was at 22% and the Doctor said he has not seen a heart this bad in a very long time.
They (dr's and nurses) are all amazed that he made the three day journey just to get here.
But we are not! We serve a Might God!
Because of what they saw and how Clement is doing they put him in ICU last night and have moved his surgery to 11 EST.
So, I am asking you, Dear Reader to please pray for this little boy today.
I know there are many readers who are 'lurkers' here and many of you come from around the world.
Please know that I appreciate each of you and I covet your prayers for this dear boy who has worked his way into our hearts!
Let's pray around the world today!
The surgery will take many hours but, I'll update you as soon as I know anything.

Thank you. Thank You, for taking the time to read this and to PRAY for Clement!

Blessings to you and love, hugs and prayers around the world!


Sarah said...

Continuing to pray for Clement and Baba, and of course his Mama, who must be so anxious being on the other side of the world from her precious boy as he goes through this. I'm praying that God will use this miracle to minister to all the doctors and nurses that they encounter.

Angie said...

Thank you, Friend!
I'll keep you posted when I hear something.

As C said "I think God is just showing everybody that He is the only one who could help Clement"

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